by Leo Donofrio, ©2020, naturalborncitizen, [h/t: Ren Jander/ThePostEmail]

(Nov. 14, 2020) —

The Republican controlled legislature in Pennsylvania (and this goes for Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia & Arizona as well) must start using the magic words, “We hereby order the Secretary of State to obey our laws and only count ballots that were received on election day with matching signatures.”

By simply asking the other branches of government to obey, and thereafter accepting the usurpation of their powers when they are denied, this passive behavior becomes the manner they have chosen to determine the appointment of electors. It appears that the Pennsylvania Legislature are hiding in cowardice from their own plenary authority.

And as long as they do not use the magic words, then there is no Constitutional violation regarding the usurpation of their plenary authority.

But if they stop asking and start ordering, then the Secretary of State, Board of Elections and Governor must obey. If they don’t obey, the Legislature will apply for a writ of mandamus ordering them to obey. And that will be granted by SCOTUS, if not the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. See my video:

[See the video here.]

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  1. Did not the Pennsylvania Supreme Court already rule that there is nothing in Pennsylvania law that requires officials to reject ballots based on signature matches.

    1. Yes, they did. You can read their opinion here:

      And the US Supreme Court denied a request to stop the counting of ballots which arrived after Election Day.

      Although later they required those votes to be kept separate from the other ballots. As I understand it there are not enough late arriving ballots to change the results of the election.