November 13, 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

I know many Americans wish that President Trump would make a concession speech, drop the lawsuits and be a good old “go-along and get-along” Republican.  They see it as unseemly to be concerned about a “few issues here or there” in various states and are quick to remind us of the shenanigans in the JFK victory in 1960 and of LBJ’s original election to Congress and that despite those things, we got along. 

This time IS different.  The differences are not only significant but threaten the very integrity of our election system.  Mass voting by mail was sure to have problems as it was so easy and tempting to exploit.  Voting machines and “software” were open for manipulation, and the Democrat Party had affiliate groups that proudly swore by the motto “By Any Means Necessary.”

Whether the lawsuits and investigations change the result is beside the point.  What is of vital importance is that miscreants and criminal activity – also known as cheating – be investigated and those guilty be brought to trial and punished severely as “une example pour les autres.”.  Failure to do so will destroy public confidence in the vitally important and sole means for citizens to control the government and maintain a “government of the people and by the people.”  And such failure will guarantee that the evil business during this year’s national election will become the norm for all future elections.

This begs the question – Will a Biden administration and Justice Department diligently pursue these cases of fraud and illegal conduct, or will they drop the cases as they might embarrass or even implicate Democrat Party stalwarts?  Soros money can buy anything – but to what end and qui bono?

Old Frank

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