by Professor Zorkophsky, ©2020

(Nov. 12, 2020) — “A Cowboy Needs a Horse” (1:41)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. The world is a very dangerous place, and for those who prefer to wear blinders are in, someday, for a rude awakening. The Chernobyl Disaster, the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill are just a couple of examples of custodial mismanagement.

“On a lesser scale is the incompetence of bureaucrats to apply reasoning to their jobs, a problem that has plagued civilizations since the Greeks formed their City-States. The price of civilization is to contend with mindless government employees who are unable to conceptualize a conversation that doesn’t include the words ‘vetted’ and ‘retirement.’ Imagine, if you will, the DMV conducting business that was convenient for the very people they purportedly serve.

“We are delving into the world of diminishing returns, a world where expectations are shattered, where common sense is nonexistent, and where the only way out is the door you came in. Welcome to Marine Corps, and the only way out is to put your nose to the grindstone and to keep it there. If there was an easy way, the last place is to find it is here.

“Once upon a time, if a squad was taking fire from a building, a phone call or two, maybe to a tank or a plane, would solve the problem. Of course sometimes nether was available; in that case, fire away, but don’t waste ammo and go easy on the water. Rule #1: always go easy on the water, a mantra passed down from the Mongols throughout history.

“At one time in my life I was in the middle of nowhere and some very bad people were shooting at us, and we didn’t have any water. The people who were shooting at us did have water, so I was thinking that the whole scene didn’t make a lick of sense; I mean, what was I to them, one who was without water? Of course if you have water you don’t think about water, so they weren’t thinking water; I was. I didn’t have any water, or very little, and neither did the others; a makeshift squad of transit barracks occupiers, here today and gone tomorrow.

“I was hunkered down behind a rock talking to some dude about girls and cars and he just up and bought the farm: shot dead. And even though it lasted but a millisecond, I remember I thought that my water ration just increased by a tremendous amount. That was the moment that I took control of the situation and led the troops to wipe out the enemy to claim their water. Maybe we could’ve traded our guns for water; I don’t know. It’s pretty hard to negotiate if 1) don’t speak the language and, 2) they are shooting at you.

“It is pretty difficult to treat PTSD born of pure frustration, like our troops have returning from the Middle East. In my case the Rules of Engagement (ROE) consisted of getting that water at whatever cost. And, no, I wouldn’t have called in a nuclear strike, even if the radio was working, which it wasn’t. I wouldn’t have called in napalm, either. I would have liked access to an air-conditioned tank with plenty of ice water, and ice cubes to boot. I guess mostly I wanted a couple of inches of steel between me and that bullet that had my name on it.

“When I got back to The World I didn’t see any of the enemy on sidewalks or in grocery stores; certainly none in Congress. But when our troops land at JFK what do you think they see? They see a sea of burqas and taxi drivers that just the day before they would’ve shot dead, and they’re supposed to lie down and take it? I don’t think so, speaking from a psychiatrist’s point of view.

“It’s the worst-case scenario, thinking they get to let their guard down, but, surprise, they’re once again surrounded. And not only surrounded, but crippled by our stateside ROE’s. They get it: we don’t, and there’s the rub: what’s the point of going through hell only to come back right into it?

“Our government says they care about our troops and the high suicide rate, but I’m just not buying it, not with Omar and Tlaib badmouthing the Jews and America. I’ve nothing against Islam or Muslims, but oil and water don’t mix, no matter how much you stir it, just like Sharia Law and our Constitution don’t mix or, for that matter, any other country’s laws. The only answer to survival is to deport the enemy; it’s as clear and simple as that. Either we do it or maybe we’ll just let the Chinese do it for us; what do you think?

“You want the truth? All this talk about the most important election in history is nothing but a bunch of hot air if Trump wins but we don’t deport each and every illegal immigrant and each and every Muslim, or isn’t that clear enough? You want to treat our troops with PTSD, then do it. And that’ll do it for us so I’ll be wishing you all well and I’ll say goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

Are you Lonesome Tonight?” (3:07)

Professor Zorkophsky

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