by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 11, 2020) — Newsmax is reporting Wednesday morning that the difference in Arizona between President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden is now less than 13,000 votes, down from 93,000 one week ago. The numbers provided as of 7:40 a.m. EST are 1,642,379 votes for Trump against Biden’s lead of 1,655,192.

The percentage of votes won is expressed as “49%” for both candidates.

On Tuesday night, ABC 15 Arizona reported the difference as “over 12,000 votes.”

According to Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey on Monday afternoon, there remained 75,000-80,000 ballots to be counted. That number stood at 60,000 on Tuesday, one report said.

Late Tuesday night, Arizona Central reported the remaining number to be 46,000.

A reported “error” in calculating the percentage of votes registered in Arizona after the polls closed on November 3 may have contributed to the AP and Fox News’s “calling” of the race for Biden.

The Trump campaign, whose internal polling showed the president would win the state’s 11 electoral votes, continues to insist it can win the state.

The difference between Biden and Trump is a reported .4%. A statewide recount would be in order if the difference dwindles to .1%.

As the state continues to count ballots, the mainstream media has insisted Trump cannot gain enough votes to overtake Biden’s lead.

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