November 9, 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

I’ve voted in presidential elections for 60 years, and although I was not always pleased with the way things turned out, I never seriously doubted the honesty of the process – until now.  Challenges are under way in the courts and information has been provided and collected by federal investigators.  Meanwhile, the networks and printed news outlets have proclaimed Joe Biden president.  Gee, I mistakenly thought that only the electors meeting in the Electoral College could declare the winner. 

Well, so much for the Constitution.  But what I am really furious about is the near absolute and monolithic in-the-tank denial of the once-vaunted Fourth Estate to report on the most important news story of this election cycle – The Hunter Biden laptop.  What happened to those ‘intrepid investigative reporters’ that the self-promoting and self-adulating media pride themselves on?  The laptop story is so important because it conclusively proves that Joe Biden and his son got paid millions by Chinese Communist Government interests forinfluence.” The oldest newspaper in the nation, the reputable New York Post, checked the provenance of the story and not only found it completely credible but also terribly important for voters to learn about before they cast their ballots.

The story is about a laptop computer – the property of Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son – one of several computers that he had dropped off at a computer repair shop, all of which had “somehow” fallen into water so as destroy their contents and make them worthless.  The one laptop that was salvageable and could be repaired contains hundreds of emails to and from Hunter Biden and his partners both here and abroad detailing their “business” dealings and implicating the apparent President-Elect in a multi-million-dollar gravy train of foreign money.  The “super scrupulous (ahem), honest” media claimed they wouldn’t air or print the story or investigate because it might be a “Russian hoax.”  These are the same folks who ran with the infamous “Steele Dossier” and Trump-Russian collusion fiction for not days, weeks or months, but YEARS, only to be disappointed when the Mueller investigation found zero evidence of any collusion by Trump or his campaign, although Mueller’s crack “investigators” quit looking when they began to uncover actual collusion by the Hillary Clinton campaign….

Here’s how easily the vaunted media could have verified that the laptop was in fact Hunter’s and that all of the data it contained was real and not a fictional delusion.  Check the calendar!  Hmmm. Maybe they don’t have those things in the newsrooms anymore?  The computer repair shop has the receipt where Hunter dropped it off.  It predates by more than a week the day that Joe Biden secured the Democrat Party nomination.  How would the “Russians” be able to develop all these facts and concoct the message traffic and even the correct email addresses and date time stamps of all of the players on all of the messages both here and abroad IN ADVANCE and then put them into the laptop at the repair shop?  How could the “Russians” be so certain that Biden would be the nominee, when he faced several strong challengers? 

On top of this, one of the key “partners” in the scheme came clean a few days prior to the election and got air-time only on Fox News Channel.  His name is on those messages because he was the handpicked CEO of the Hunter Biden “business.”  His motivation to come forward was twofold: his reputation as a legitimate businessman was being besmirched by the media – inferring that he was a “Russian” tool, and second, the data on the laptop showed that millions had been paid to the Hunter Biden enterprise by the Chinese, et al, but that zero earnings were reported or paid to the legit CEO and other partners.

Now here is an even worse part!  When Hunter Biden failed to return and pick up his repaired laptop, the shopkeeper downloaded the contents of the hard drive to see if he could otherwise contact him and collect his fee.  But what he saw of the contents so shocked him that the shop owner provided the hard drive to the FBI, who later came to claim the laptop.  And the FBI agent provided a receipt for its pickup.

None of this was hidden from the media – yet they refused to run the story.  What is equally troublesome is what in the heck did the “vaunted” FBI do with the damning information that shows that the “integrity” and security clearance of then-candidate and now president-elect is fatally compromised?  Are some among us totally above the law?  If so, who else is on that “list?”   

We need answers to all of this and corrective actions, but how can we, we citizens, for crying out loud, get them? That is what makes me so furious!  The Deep State under the Obama Administration blatantly sought to prevent – and when that failed – to undermine the Trump presidency, and they were aided and abetted by the media establishment, which knowingly misinformed the citizenry.  The schemers and plotters committed crimes, yet investigations were slow-rolled to the extent that the same plotters and schemers were emboldened to rig the 2020 election process.  Where is the FBI?  Does it only follow fictions and chimeras now, when blatant lawlessness cries for their attention?  Who can we trust?  Who are the gatekeepers?  What about the oaths they swear to?  Punishment for wrongdoing is a deterrent – a lesson for those who might be tempted to break the law.  When zero punishments are not meted out, bad actors are actually encouraged to misbehave, and we’ll have more crime and less honesty or trust as a nation. 

Where is (was) Attorney General Barr?  Didn’t he run things at the DOJ?  And what of the much-hailed “professional and scrupulous” judge who is investigating?  What will a Biden DOJ do with his report?  If the judge ever even writes one, it will be DOA – just like the dodo.  Too little, too late. .

So, no matter how immense and terrible the crimes, no one will ever be charged or convicted; but, rather the perps will be emboldened to do even worse and the checks and balances that have served us since our founding will be (already are?) ancient relics of bygone eras. 

Are you furious yet?  Will there ever be another election that is honest, that the citizenry can trust?  What will they teach in high school civics classes from now on?  Who will write the history of our demise of our republic – the American “experiment” – the Shining City on the Hill? 

Nope, until corrective actions and stern punishments are imposed, elections from now on are for sale to the highest bidders – both foreign and domestic – and the “winners” are in their financiers’ pockets – compromised figurehead “leaders” who are in reality mere factotums of the Deep State – and maybe even foreign governments.     

Old Frank

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