by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 9, 2020) — At approximately 12:45 p.m. EST, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey tweeted an update to the ongoing count of ballots submitted on or before Election Day with the statement that certain races have “changed to a dramatic degree.”

In the presidential race, Democratic candidate Joe Biden was declared the winner of the state’s 11 electoral votes Tuesday night with more than 600,000 ballots yet to be counted. The Trump campaign insisted that when all legal ballots were counted, its internal polling predicting a Trump win would prove accurate.

As of Wednesday, Biden’s lead over Trump stood at approximately 93,000. A Newsmax report Monday morning stated that lead then stood at 17,000.

“Roughly 75,000 to 80,000” votes are left to be counted, Ducey said Monday afternoon.

The public may observe the counting in Maricopa County for a 30-minute interval here:

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