Donald J. Trump, official White House photo, public domain

November 9, 2020

Dear Editor,

Nijinsky, Beethoven, Byron, Pythagoras, Brahe, and Tesla: some of history’s geniuses in their fields of greatness, despite suffering mental afflictions — even insanity!

Now, joined by Donald Trump, a somewhat madman who is/was one of the very few American (of Free-World-Leader material) political leaders capable of sanely bringing to the Western World “real-world” solutions to/combating of radical Islam’s threat; America’s energy independence and cost-effectiveness (without environmental damage!); the Green-left’s inflicted (upon the everyday American taxpayer) scourge of MmGW Mania; illegal immigration (bringing so many “threats from within”); the threats of Red China, Iran, Russia, and South Korea; peace agreements to the Middle East and Africa (worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize for Trump); the rebuilding of America’s economy; real law and order and equality; the health system; and so much, much more “Making America Great Again” (a place to which the world’s poor and war-torn-country-traumatized never stop flocking to for liberty, democracy and affluence)!

So much of this will now be undone (and damage inflicted upon hardworking, everyday American taxpayers, of all colours, ethnicities, etc.) by the “sanity” of a Biden/Harris ultra-Left wing, anti-Western-Society administration!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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