by Bob Russell, ©2020

(Nov. 8, 2020) — For reasons that escape me, the media, far from being the impartial reporters they are supposed to be, are given the task of calling elections whenever they see results they like. FOX News called the Arizona election for biden with about 73% of votes counted but refused to call Florida for President Trump when he had an insurmountable lead with more than 90% of votes counted. I thought election results were supposed to be determined by election officials. When partisan hacks are given the option of determining winners and losers the whole process is suspect. With the amount of criminal vote fraud happening there is much to be concerned about. The way things are being done in democrat strongholds is reminiscent of Soviet Russia where the voting process is totally under the control of the ruling junta. Is this what Americans want? I can’t imagine democrat voters being okay with fraud because it benefits the candidate they voted for. If the republicans were using fraud to reelect President Trump, the candidate I support, I would be just as outraged and writing this. The big deal among the media is “getting credit” for calling a winner first, not accuracy based on complete data.

I am a registered Independent because of the dirty deeds done by my state gop against Ron Paul in 2012. I was an Oklahoma gop state committeeman from Rogers County at the time and attended the state convention where I saw party rules AND parliamentary procedures repeatedly violated to ensure mitt romney got the nomination over outsider Ron Paul. I can only assume, as I didn’t witness, the same tactics used in other states. Those running the convention were very open about what results they wanted and made absolutely no attempt to hide their bias or tactics. I was so disgusted by their actions that when I got back home I left the party and let it be widely known why I made the change. People, along with me, soundly criticized hillary clinton and the dnc for cheating Bernie Sanders out of the nomination in 2016, as the dnc did in biden’s favor this time around. They employed the exact playbook used by the gop to cheat Ron Paul so I don’t give them any credit for inventing cheating ways. Since they have been so successful in the primaries they are doing the same thing in the general election.

There is absolutely no excuse for the things democrats are doing, laws being violated for partisan reasons.  I also can’t imagine citizens voting for socialism/communism, which biden represents. Besides the known corruption of biden, his running mate, kamala harris, is not eligible to hold either office.  The Constitution clearly states that candidates for the top two offices in the nation MUST be a “natural born citizen,” that is, born of two citizens and born on U.S. soil.  Harris’s father was a citizen of Jamaica and her mother a citizen of India at the time of her birth.  It is questionable if they were even here legally as I have seen reports that they were both here on student visas that had expired, making them illegal residents, much less not citizens.  Whether they were legally here or not doesn’t matter; what matters is that they WERE NOT naturalized citizens when kamala was born.  Her being born on U.S. soil, which has also been questioned, is immaterial as her parents’ status renders her ineligible.  The dnc officials who allowed her on the ballot know she isn’t eligible but, as with obama, they don’t recognize the Constitution as the law of the land.

What some people don’t seem to realize or care about is that once our electoral system is gone they also lose their right to elect the person they want in the Oval Office.  By the time they realize their error it will be too late; they will also be living under dictatorial tyranny and will have no input into the political system.  I know it isn’t very likely democrat voters will read this because it is on a conservative site but I hope it will get posted on facebook and other social media sites that I don’t have access to. 

Do democrat voters want jobs shipped back to China and our economy to be at the mercy of a brutal communist dictatorship?  President Trump has pulled America out of several agreements made by fuhrer obama that were extremely detrimental to American citizens and brought hundreds of thousands of jobs back that obama crowed would never come back.  Fuhrer obama was very proud of his progress toward turning the nation into a third-world toilet of poverty and tyranny.  He and everyone in his regime committed TREASON against the Constitution and We the People, but the gop is so complicit in corruption they do nothing about it.  President Trump pulled us out of the anti-American Paris Accord that punishes American citizens for environmental issues of other countries.  The air pollution/”climate change” issue cannot be solved by returning this nation back to the 18th century.  I saw a report a couple of years ago that none of the top ten air pollution sites were in this country.  Nine of them were in China, Russia, and India with the closest one to us being Mexico City.  NONE of those nations are doing anything to solve the issue and are not being criticized by the anti-American gathering, but America, although we have taken air and water pollution correction steps that are astronomical and unprecedented, is the target of the meeting.  Once again we see the anti-Trump media criticizing Trump for putting America first, one of the responsibilities of the American president.

How do citizens vote for people who have made it their campaign goal to destroy the nation?  The rationale behind it escapes me.  Are they just too stupid to see it, too deceived to see it, or do they desire to live in poverty and fear under a global dictatorship?  President Trump has made great strides in restoring this nation to prosperity despite united opposition from the deep state in both political parties.  He has brought hundreds of thousands of jobs back and created even more new jobs.  President Trump has brought an amount of pride and confidence that has overcome the despair and concern left by the last four administrations.  We the People have seen the economy take off like a modern-day jet fighter plane, far outdistancing the malaise and poverty proudly created by the obama/biden regime.  Mr. dementia has promised to undo ALL of President Trump’s accomplishments and put America under the thumb of international globalists who are jealous of American accomplishments.  The entire world looks to America when facing natural disasters, so who will they look to when America can no longer help due to poverty, having become a third-world banana dictatorship?

We MUST stop the media hacks from controlling our elections if we want to preserve our way of life.  The American way of life is the envy of the world and democrats want to throw it away for their hope to be part of a global ruling junta.  I believe they are deceiving themselves.  Once satan, soros, and the ruling cabal of globalist billionaires get what they want, biden, pelosi, schumer, the “squad,” the pile of schiff, and the rest of them will be tossed aside like yesterday’s garbage.  When they are no longer needed they will be either killed or imprisoned like the rest of us.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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