by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 8, 2020) — According to Newsmax TV’s figures early Sunday afternoon, the continued counting of presumably legally-cast ballots in the state of Arizona has narrowed the margin between Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and President Donald Trump to 20,000 in Biden’s favor.

On Tuesday night, the Associated Press and Fox News “called” the state’s 11 electoral votes for Biden despite more than 600,000 ballots awaiting counting, a fact faulted in subsequent commentary by Fox News’s Sean Hannity during his nightly show.

“Trump and his allies made an aggressive, but ultimately futile push to hold onto Arizona, which the president won by 3.5 percentage points in 2016,” the AP wrote on Wednesday, citing “changing demographics.”

As of Wednesday, with counting ongoing, Biden led Trump by approximately 93,000 votes. That number dwindled to approximately 39,000 as of Thursday, according to the Daily Mail (UK). That number was reported as just under 30,000 on Saturday.

On Saturday afternoon, Attorney Leigh Dundas reported sharing a conference call with Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien and a number of others and stated the then-current difference in votes between Trump and Biden as “about 20,000,” citing information she received during the call.

On Sunday Newsmax reported the vote tallies as 1,631,195 for Biden and 1,612,585 for Trump.

Despite the early determination that Biden won Arizona, the Trump campaign has remained confident that the president will prove to be the actual winner once every vote is counted.

On Saturday the campaign and Republican National Committee (RNC) filed a lawsuit in Arizona over alleged voter disenfranchisement, of which it reported obtaining sworn affidavits from a number of alleged victims.

Arizona has been considered a “Republican stronghold” since 1952. “In turning toward friendly territory for Democrats, Arizona is following a path blazed by its neighbors Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada. It’s also the Democrats’ brightest light among the Sun Belt states they tried to flip from the GOP this year,” the AP reported last week.

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