by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2020

(Nov. 6, 2020) — Everything is at stake days after election day on November 3rd.  Evidence has been mounting for Federal Election crimes in Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania. Trump has filed multiple lawsuits and is getting support from some on FOX and heat from others more liberal.   A few Republicans like Ted Cruz and Newt Gingrich are standing vigorously with him and agreeing with the lawsuits.  Other Republicans are hanging in the background, tepid and timid.  We don’t need “girly men” right now, but real Americans and people of courage to stand with Trump and the law.

We know at this point that Republican watchers were thrown out and not allowed to watch the ballot counters – Crime.  Windows were blocked so people couldn’t see in and watch the ballot counters – Crime.  One USPS worker and whistleblower stated he had been ordered to backdate late ballots to Nov. 3rd – Crime.  A growing number of crimes are being uncovered.

On Nov. 5th Trump stated at his press conference that the DEMS were trying to steal the election from him and he would take this all the way to the Supreme Court and win.  All the way, suspicious boxes of ballots have been found by election workers.  Trump found it more than strange that he went to bed significantly ahead in the swing states and in the morning, it was totally different. 

“Last night I was leading, often solidly, in many key States, in almost all instances Democrat run & controlled,” Trump tweeted on Nov. 4. “Then, one by one, they started to magically disappear as surprise ballot dumps were counted. VERY STRANGE, and the ‘pollsters’ got it completely & historically wrong!”

The bottom line, America, is Trump is right and has been proven right the last nearly four years against the onslaught of false accusations, impeachment charges and fake news orgies.  He and his team are right again with the fraudulent and lying ballot counts, Republican watchers not being allowed in, ballots being counted by the tens of thousands that by law should have been thrown out for a variety of reasons.  Instead, mystery ballots are showing up late, all saying “Biden” after Trump was ahead. 

There is no time for political speech, political games and cautious words.  It is time, as Trump and his team are doing, to fight like a winning, American champion.  A word to some of the ever-so-cautious, FOX News and RINO Republican crowd: Don’t be behind the eight-ball yet again, picking at and criticizing Trump as almost paranoid…”with no solid proof yet.”   Already, a sea and mountain of proof, crimes and fraud have shown their faces and lawsuits had to be filed.  If Trump didn’t have the courage to file these and fight, most of American voters would also be a bloody victim of crime. 

If Trump lost fair and square, that is one thing.  If DEMS have defrauded and tried to steal this election away, that is another thing.  I ask those of you who are on the fence and afraid to stand with Trump, did the DEMS ever lie and commit crimes before against this President?  Was Trump always proven innocent and was the endless fake news always debunked?  Don’t question, don’t slump and don’t run in fear.

Trump has already won as he has said; now the court system must confirm this and stop the DEMS and Biden’s attempt to steal it from us all.

Stand and believe.

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  1. Thank goodness for Rush, Sean Hannity , a handful of Republicans to help keep our sanity. The fox crew on election night were at best below fair. The Clinton person , glasses and hair was cocky and disheartening and honestly brought tears to our eyes. We have cancelled fox TV and will get our info from conservative radio. So saddened by it all. Pray for our country. Husband an honored Vet Fighter Pilot. Barksdale AFB

  2. I’m with you! It took 47 days to resolve Bush-Gore. Why have all the election anomalies occurred in blue states and cities? This fact alone makes this election stink to high heaven! Anyone with a half a brain knows the Democrats are trying to steal the vote! This is blatant criminality, and it must be prosecuted, if the law still means anything in our country! But, I’m starting to doubt that, sincerely!

  3. This article should be sent to every spineless RINO in Congress, with a Reader side-note: Dear RINO’s… This woman has more guts than all of you put together. For ONCE in your pathetic, self-enriching, wormy little lives, will you finally do ONE GOOD THING and SIDE WITH THIS PRESIDENT?!

  4. I left a comment under Pat Buchanan’s article on Hope you find it to be food for thought: Pat, You’re ignoring the elephant in the room.
    If the Liberal-fascist Left can manipulate the electoral process as it appears that they can then the American experiment in government of the people has come to a screeching halt and what we have now is not a government under the rule of law but a governance by men who have assumed the authority to be above the law–to rule over the rest of we mere mortals as our ‘legislative leaders’ (Bastiat).

    I went to Talahassee where Atty. Larry Klayman was in court trying to have Obama’s name removed as a presidential candidate and the judge–I remember his name ’cause it rhymes with Jerry Lewis–Terry Lewis ruled something like Obama’s name on the ballot could not be challenged because Obama had not yet been made the “official” Democrat party candidate. Of course, by the time of the Democrat convention that year the window of opportunity to challenge any person’s name being put on the ballot in Florida would have, as it did, closed.

    Where was the Republican party then? They were all afraid of being labeled ‘Birthers’ which the Left had done a fine job in equating to their go-to position of labeling all resistance to their agenda as racist.

    Remember Perkins-Coie (spelling?) law firm that had its hands in the phony Russian Dossier? There was another phony document that you, like Rush and Hannity, refused to examine for fear of being labeled ‘Birthers.’
    I was present as a student reporter at the preliminary release of the findings of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s volunteer Cold Case Posse (CCP) investigation into Obama.
    Perkins-Coie law firm represented Obama’s phony birth certificate in a number of courts as I vaguely recall. Check with Dr. Jerome Corsi. I met him at Sheriff Joe’s press conference.

    Why wouldn’t the Left fabricate votes? The conservative right has routinely let them get away with fabricating whatever–as in the case of the Phony Russian so-called ‘dossier’ and in the case of Obama’s so-called birth certificate and Obama’s forged Selective Service Registration form-they need to advance their false narratives.

    Mike Zullo, Sheriff Joe’s CCP commander, allowed me to attend the presser as I was a student journalist. Years later he uncovered the two birth certificates of a pair of twins born in Honolulu from which the security background pattern in several of the layers of Obama’s electronic multi-layered forgery was amateurishly copied and pasted into the manufacturing of the forgery. This is an uncontestable, irrefutable fact. Please report on it.

    1. Thanks for the great recap. And let us not forget his SSN was from a dead man from Connecticut. They’re always SO brazen, they couldn’t have even taken the time to make sure it was at least a dead guy from Hawaii.

  5. Let’s all back Trump with support for him to go to the Supreme Court. Let’s see how many responses we can muster to him.

  6. Thanks Dr. Roth and P & E for this article. Not many others are covering this
    issue of Trump being thumped unjustly. Let’s keep in prayer and support
    Trump. Scripture speaks of being caught in one’s own snare. Hopefully, Trump
    will get his day in court and win a victory. We know this is possible.