by Don Fredrick, ©2020, The Complete Obama Timeline

(Nov. 5, 2020) — At the time of this writing no one knows who won the 2020 Presidential election. Well, the mentally alert know Donald Trump won, but we do not yet know if the deep state, the Democrat machine, and the leftist media propagandists will be able to install Biden in the Oval Office. The vote fraud has been both monumental and in-your-face. The Democrats are no longer even hiding their usual chicanery. They are burning ballots and dumping them in creeks, filling out fake ballots by the thousands, magically “finding” boxes of Biden-only ballots in every nook and cranny, getting Los Angeles homeless people to fill out Nevada ballots, ignoring state laws that require ballots be received by Election Day, ignoring signature requirements, and disregarding postmarked dates (dates that can easily be applied by any Democrat operative who obtains a rubber stamp from a friendly postal worker or who buys one online for $15).

There is plenty of outrage from Republican voters, of course. But where is the outrage from major Republican figures? Why are there no significant press conferences by prominent House and Senate Republicans? Why are major Republicans not calling for immediate legal actions by the Department of Justice—which has a Criminal Division Public Integrity Section responsible for enforcing federal laws related to election fraud? (Why is Attorney General William Barr not acting? Why did Chief Justice John Roberts agree to let Pennsylvania accept ballots after Election Day?)

The response from key Republicans is minimal, of course, because they want Trump to lose. Yes, you read that right. They want Biden in the White House. Why would they want Biden to win in 2020? Because they are looking ahead to 2024!

If Trump is declared the victor and remains in the Oval Office for four more years, the odds are very good that the Democrats will recapture the White House in November 2024—even if Trump has a decent record of accomplishments over the next four years. Why? Human nature. Some people will seek change for the sake of change. Voters will blame Trump for anything that goes wrong (not the least of which will likely be dramatic price inflation resulting from the insane expansion of the money supply to “fight Covid”). Many Republican voters will become complacent, and few will be excited by a GOP candidate who most certainly will lack Trump’s charisma. Democrats will be reenergized. No matter how well things are going in 2024, the odds are that the Democrats are more likely to win back the White House than again lose it. (You can win the Electoral College while losing the popular vote only so many times before fate catches up with circumstance.)

Republicans know all that—and that includes Republicans who have their sights set on running for President in 2024. They understand that if Biden is sworn in on January 20, 2021, the 2024 GOP candidate’s opponent will be Kamala Harris. No one believes that Biden will run again in 2024. Few believe that he will even make it to 2024. If he does not die in office, he will resign or be removed from office because of physical or mental health issues. It is an issue of when, not if.

The Republicans wishing to run for president in 2024 also know that the economy will be in shambles as a result of Biden-Harris administration actions. Although Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his Republican colleagues—perhaps with the help of the least crazy Senate Democrats running for reelection in 2022 and 2024—can block the worst legislation sent over from the lunatics and Marxists in the House of Representatives, Biden can nevertheless do monumental damage with executive orders and harmful rules and regulations from the horde of leftists embedded throughout the (far-too-) many federal agencies. Biden can block fracking on federal lands. He can refuse to renew permits for the oil, logging, and mining industries. He can stop further construction of the border wall. He can loosen border-enforcement controls and reduce Border Patrol manpower. He can slow down ICE operations. He can look the other way when Democrat-run cities and states declare even more “sanctuaries” for illegal aliens. He can burden businesses with excessive regulations. The harm Biden-Harris can and would cause is unimaginable. The Republicans know that. They know that the voters will be clamoring for a new president in November 2024, regardless of whether it is Biden or Harris they are eager to oust.

If you were a Republican with his or her eye on the White House, would you rather be running in the eighth year of the Trump administration against a still-to-be-chosen Democrat candidate (Kamala Harris? Elizabeth Warren? Bernie Sanders? Andrew Cuomo? Gavin Newsom? Stacey Abrams? Cory Booker? Jay Inslee? Amy Klobuchar? Andrew Yang? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?), or against an unlikeable, arrogant, bungling, and cackling President Kamala Harris as she oversees the fourth year of a failed Biden administration?

In the latter scenario, the 2024 Republican primaries will be like the 2008 Democrat primaries. Barack Obama knew he only had to win the Democrat nomination to become president. His Oval Office obstacle was not John McCain, it was Hillary Clinton. Whichever of them won was certain to defeat McCain. In 2024, whichever Republican wins the party nomination will be almost certain of a victory over Harris (absent massive vote fraud, of course).

Like it or not, this is all mostly a game to the power-mad politicians. Except for Trump and a few others, they do not give a damn about you! They would sell their mothers to win the next political prize. While tens of millions of Americans would perform the proverbial crawl over broken glass to vote for Trump, many politicians would eagerly feed that glass to puppies and kittens if it meant moving one step closer to the Oval Office. Most of the Republican politicians who eventually came around to supporting Trump did so only because they know their constituents love the man. They will turn on him in an instant if it helps them politically. (Remember—if they had monumental integrity they would never have entered politics in the first place.)

If Geriatric Joe Biden wins, the big contest will be the Republican nomination in 2024, not the November election. There will be a large field of candidates in the primaries: Mike Pence, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Nikki Haley, Ron De Santis, Tom Cotton, Ron Paul, Mike Lee, Rick Scott, Tim Scott, and many others, perhaps even including Greg Abbott, Matt Gaetz, Donald Trump, Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Tucker Carlson. Whoever wins that fight will most assuredly win in November 2024—because Biden (or Harris) will easily be defeated.

On January 21, 2021 the race for 2024 begins. It will be obvious, not subtle. The Republican candidates will either say, “I will work to continue Trump’s legacy!” (even if they did not help him fight against Biden) or they will say, “I am the only candidate who can defeat Kamala Harris!”

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