by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2020

(Nov. 1, 2020) — Understand that in the final moments before the most important election of our times, the corrupt Biden and DEMOCRAT machine, along with their rusty, robotic dog, ‘Media Boy,’ will pull all the desperate, fake news stops that they can.  As most American eyes are now stuck back in their heads from boredom and annoyance from all the fake news attacks, we now expect the most creative, worst pretend attack coming from all their worshiped torpedoes and missiles.  Sadly, most Americans and President Trump realize they are just squirt guns that have been painted red, shooting everything in sight.

Now, we hear the shocking word via interviews from the big conservatives like Rush and Hannity that a damaging story via The New York Times and Post is coming out, right before the election.  It is allegedly damaging to Trump.  Really?  Ground Hog Day again?

What will it be this time, as the DEMS, Biden and media see their lives flashing before their eyes?  Will Trump really be a woman who had surgery to become a man?  Will he have done evil, clandestine deals with enemy countries while president?  Oh, yes, that was the Biden family doing the weird money deals. Will he have had two affairs? 

How about more of the same rubbish that Biden and Kamala scream?  Trump has lied, killing millions of Americans and disregards medical authorities and the masks?  Oh, yeah, if this is the ball, they are going to throw even higher. Perhaps Joe Biden should be coached to not say millions of deaths at the hands of Trump, since he stood alone and showed nothing but courage and wisdom in shutting down America and the travelers coming in from China.  Trump took all the life-saving moves while Joe Biden called him names and vehemently disagreed with his life-saving action plan.  Actually, Joe Biden’s plan of “do nothing in time” would have killed millions of Americans, but why speak the truth when you can keep building your spider web of “black widow” lies?

Prepare for more horror-show theater, from desperate and corrupt Joe Biden, Kamala and their “media robot dog.”  As the Apostle Peter learned to do when Jesus called him out from the boat in a storm to walk on water, don’t look at the wind and the waves.  Don’t look at the misdirecting fake news and bold-faced lies about Trump in the final hours.  Don’t think your vote doesn’t matter.  Look instead at God, the truth, real power and Donald Trump.  Vote as if your country and life depend on it.

Bring it, media whores and lying Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. I can hardly wait for more attacks on Trump and the American people who are Christians and conservatives.  Americans and Donald Trump are on the winning side and will win big.  Corruption will not.

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