October 30, 2020

Dear Editor,

They are so very loud, aren’t they? All those outraged roars of disgust/protest of Leftist “glitterati gladiators”: the likes of Australian husband-and-wife ultra-progressive duo “Castro Red Bandana Kid” Peter Fitzsimmons  and his on-TV missus Lisa Wilkinson (out buying “Pirate Pete” a new red fez?) against Islamic state-owned Qatar Airlines’ in-effect sexual abuse (invasive examination to see if recently given birth) of Western-society Australian women against their will (and in contravention of International Law)?

And a French woman has just been decapitated in Nice! So, where are all the similar roars of protest/disgust from “glitterati gladiators” worldwide (starting with Australia’s Waleed Aly and Jane “Aussies are turds” Caro, and America’s “Smirking Son of a Gun” George Clooney) at Muslim Turkey’s increasingly radical PM Erdogan’s attacks upon their “Darling of the Left” French PM Macron’s stand against radical Islam’s ever-increasing crimes against Western Civilisation?

And what about much-feted Aussie Rules Muslim footballers’ outraged condemnation of Qatar Airways and Turkey’s Erdogan?

I ask the likes of Fitzsimmons, Wilkinson, Aly, Caro and Clooney: Just what if it had been an American airline marching eleven Muslim women off a plane in New York and then subjecting them to such abuse?

And where are all the West’s “feminazis’” cat-spitting-like caterwauling howls of protest?


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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