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October 28, 2020

“Foggy Bottom,” Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

The Deep State is still in an uproar after nearly four years because a “rank outsider” with “no expertise” in foreign affairs or how “government works” came and changed things.  Despite what those self-anointed “experts” claim, most of what that “rank outsider” has done has made us better and in some cases, the world a lot safer.

The Deep State has deep roots among the crew at Foggy Bottom.  There, the mantra was, there can be “no peace in the Middle East” until the Palestinian issue is resolved.  To bring about that resolution, the crew at State insisted that every administration show “impartiality’ so that the US would be accepted by all sides as the ‘”honest broker.”  Along with that, most of the time (so as to appear “even-handed”), we stood on Israel’s toes and “encouraged” them to make concession after concession.  All those concessions earned nearly nothing in return from the Palestinian and Arab and Shia Worlds.   And, although every administration promised to relocate our embassy to the real capital of Israel in Jerusalem, they never did so because it might – in their stilted view – “show bias”  and make relations worse and peace ‘impossible.’

News flash!  All that deep knowledge and those dire warnings were HOGWASH!  What the rank outsider understood was that our constant pressure on our Israeli partner in peace and our refusal to make good on our promises to relocate our embassy did not foster peace, but showed the other side our ambivalence and unwillingness to demonstrate our solidarity with Israel.  By openly showing solidarity and proving it again and again and making the symbolic move of our embassy to Jerusalem, the sky didn’t fall; but rather, it demonstrated to the Arab/Shia world the reality that after 73 years of the formation of the Israeli State it was PERMANENT and a reality and that the US was its guarantor.  The “outsider” also took out Hezbollah leadership targets and the sky didn’t fall.

So, instead of anger, the Arab states are making peace with the reality of Israel and letting the Palestinians know that they’ve had it with the intransigence and flagrant theft and infidelity of their “leadership.”   In short, that part of the world is recognizing that Israel is a nation they can work with and benefit from and that it is there to stay, and that the United States, under its “rank outsider,” will provide an umbrella of protection over all the area.

ClaudiaWollesen, Pixabay, License

Not bad for the “rank outsider.”  A new broom sweeps away the cobwebs – in this case cobwebs that had sealed the door to progress for 73 long years.  Sorry, Foggy Bottom.  You were wrong.  Other federal agencies, take note!

Old Frank

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