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October 27, 2020

Photo: Wikipedia, public domain

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Most of us grew up holding “honesty” in high regard, both for our personal interactions and those of others.  Honesty begets trust and trust in turn is the lubricant that frees the wheels of progress.  But of late, “honesty” has become sort of “old-fashioned” among many of us – too many, as it seems that nearly half the country is fine with the leader of a proven crime family governing our affairs as president.  Worse, the entire nation is denied the truth about the crime boss and the danger he poses to our nation and our personal well-being because the mainstream media refuse to be honest and report the truth about all this.

During his 47 years in “government,” Joe Biden has lined the pockets of not only close family, but even cousins, uncles and aunts.  Some of the most egregious of all this is proved by the contents of the laptop that his idiot (drug-addled?) son, Hunter Biden, left at a Delaware computer repair shop and failed to pick up.  After the term specified in the repair contract expired, the repair shop owner copied the hard drive in the hope that he could find a means to contact Hunter.  What he found on the drive was so surprising and serious that he notified the FBI, who came and collected the laptop.  When months went by without anything back from the FBI, the repair shop owner contacted Rudy Giuliani’s office to provide a second copy of the hard drive.

The information on the drive is  a damning and detailed account that casts a dark shadow on the honesty and candidacy of Joe Biden – and it shows, conclusively — that Joe Biden is compromised by the Communist authorities in Beijing and Russia.  For real!  Not made up.  But rather, for “HOLY COW a REAL, GENUINE, NATIONAL SECURITY RISK!” in addition to detailing dirty-money schemes and trading on his position to influence favorable policies toward Beijing and Moscow.

Unfortunately, our self-congratulatory and corrupt national media establishment refuse to inform us proles about this treasure trove of dirty dealings because … so they tell us… it might be a “Russian” disinformation hoax, aimed at crippling the electability of the media’s chosen candidate for president.

But, the “hoax thing” doesn’t hold up.  Apparently, the media are unable to consult a calendar and line up the dates concerning Hunter Biden’s laptop.  The receipt for the device predates by several weeks has father’s nomination as the Democrat Party candidate for president.

Why is this significant?  Because it presupposes that the “Russians” would have known in advance of the Democrat Party apparatus that Joe Biden would be their candidate and then to have concocted all of these messages – all the back-and-forth with business details and the names and e-mail addresses of all of the players, and  put in the right dates and times and – and – and – all in great detail.  Otherwise, how could this material be provided to the repair shop owner to insert into the Hunter Biden laptop, unless it didn’t happen and all of it really is authentic and Hunter Biden’s own e-mails?  Oh, and let’s not forget the sordid sex videos of Hunter and of Hunter smoking a crack pipe.  The media would have us believe that the “Russians” concocted those as well  —  all ahead of Joe Biden’s ascension to the nomination??  Sure!  Nothin’ to see here, folks.  Trust us guys in the media, nothin’ to see here.

And if the press gets you to believe this new “Russian hoax” then there is a bridge in Brooklyn that I would like to sell you shares in. A lot of public figures throughout our history have used the offices to fatten their wallets and portfolios.  We get that.  But in the Biden case, the “money cow” has Chinese Communist Party ties – and they oblige this scheme so as to OWN Joe Biden, should he become president.  This is the most blatant national security risk we have ever witnessed, and the vaunted media want us not to know about it.

Joe Biden has no business near the White House.  And the media KNOW it.

Old Frank

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  1. We are under attack from the CCP. Trevor Loudon sent me the link to this new video. He’s battling to keep it visible online. He is asking for help in circulating the link to thi to expose video about the CCP’s activity in the USA helping the violent groups. It’s not just the Wuhan Virus they are sending our way. Chinese Communist Party Ties to Black Lives Matter Movement: https://rumble.com/vauw4j-chinese-communist-party-ties-to-black-lives-matter.html Trump must win re-election and the Repubs must solidly hold the U.S. Senate or the USA as we know it is doomed.

    CDR Kerchner (Ret) — http://www.ProtectOurLiberty.org

  2. The inkling that half the population being crazed (Professor Zorkophsky would use the word “bonkers”) was quite apparent when people actually cried a tear when “Benghazi Hillary” failed to hoodwink enough Americans to elect her.

    The problem manifested itself when Hillary never got over her failure of supporting what the people wanted, starting with a safer country by deporting illegal immigrants. Had she stood-up to Obama on that stage and said, “No, I will not hand out Driver Licenses to illegal immigrants”, she might have had a chance, which points to the problem with polling.

    There have been times when polls supported bad ideas and to run with a bad idea is, as Hillary learned, let’s face it, a bad idea. Sanctuary cities are just another bad idea that Biden-Harris not only endorse, but support as well. Bad ideas result in not getting elected, which is why Trump will win: BIG. Trump has good ideas, the Dems not one.

    You wrote a good editorial: half the population is out to lunch and so far gone they’ll never make to back for dinner, and then – the worse part – they’ll whine about it (again).

    Chief New Leaf