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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2020

Pexels, Pixabay, License

(Oct. 21, 2020) — Let us talk bottom line in the last days before this history-making election.  What are the basics we must remember and act on now?  First of all, we are a Christian nation which honors God and knows he orchestrated and led the very creation of America.  Second of all, most of us know that our God answers believing prayers and answers them boldly with power, brilliant planning, warfare over the enemy and results.  Slap water on your face, throw doubt and fear in the trash and vote big.

Mark 11:23—24 – “Radical” Jesus Christ says that if you believe this mountain can be moved and thrown into the sea, it will be done.  1st Corinthians 1: 26-28 reminds the world that God calls the foolish to confound the wise, the weak to confound the mighty, the base and dejected God calls so that we can “call things that aren’t as though they are.”  He describes faith and results that way again in Romans: 4:17. “Call things that aren’t as though they are.’ Here he was referring to the faith of Abraham.

God and His believing and praying people put Donald Trump in the White House the first time, with almost zero media help, Democrats on full assault, negative polls all around, many confused Republicans running around and Hillary and her followers knowing they owned the day – Wrong!  We will do it again this time and with a landslide.  Do not look at the wind and the waves and the contrived deception and lies swirling in funnel clouds around you.  Do not be deceived by ridiculous COVID-19 talking points, the accusations of Trump being a racist and the global warming idiot questions and deceptions. Don’t be stuck on stupid believing Biden and the Dems collected a Disneyland of fake news, conspiracies and attacks.

The Democrat left and all their leadership have assaulted Trump with vicious vigor from day one because of a few simple and very known things.  They hate the real America, capitalism, our achievement and exclusive excellence. They hate our Christian backbone, our energy independence, our loyalty and support of Israel, our Constitution, gun rights and freedom of speech for anyone who disagrees.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris hate all that America is and have said they intend to reverse Trump’s tax breaks, create massive tax increases, shut down fracking and oil business all over, crush our moral values whether we like it or not by slamming gay marriage, forcing their version of compromised health care, and rewriting our real and beloved history to increase the false propaganda already being taught in our schools.

Democrat liberals must grow children who are confused and ashamed of what America really represents so that they can enslave and own their votes.  Finally, they will undo our military and nuclear arsenal once again as Obama and Biden did before to increase our exposure to danger around the world.

Bottom-line world under Biden and Kamala will be utility bills almost as high as your mortgage.  Gas prices at $4-$6 a gallon due to the destruction of fracking and oil business.  Deadly attacks on America and her interests due to the critical downsizing again of our military, weapons and nuclear arsenal, civil war and massive violence if they seize more religious, speech and 2nd amendment rights.  Food and other products will cost a fortune due to the economic depression they will have created and millions of lost jobs and careers.

“Call things that aren’t as though they are” and vote Donald Trump President again.  Forget the stormy gale of lying polls, media and Biden.  Trump has already won big and Biden and the left have been crushed and humbled.  Bring it, Biden and Kamala, and so will God and the American people.

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