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(Oct. 20, 2020) — New York is one of the capitals of business. A large number of people come here every day for business trips, both long and short. How do you choose the right business housing?

It should be noted that New York offers a large number of different types of accommodation, even accommodation for work travel. Each company is unique, but they all usually allow a certain budget for accommodation to its travel staff. It is often not very substantial.

Sometimes it doesn’t even pay for a quality three-star or two-star hotel. If you want something better and your company does not give you a budget for it, you will have to pay extra with your money. And of course it doesn’t pay off.

Companies usually provide a certain budget and employees can settle for accommodation of their own choice.

As we have already mentioned, there is the possibility of various hotels, motels, apartments, etc. However, if you are used to a certain standard, you would probably rate these types of accommodations as unsatisfactory. The question is, what do you do? How do you stay in a quality, clean, safe and private room so that you feel truly at home and see that every detail suits you?

SharedEasy for corporate housing in NYC offers more opportunities, and if you’ve heard of it, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. This is the so-called Coliving, where you rent a room of your choice for a short or long period of time, sharing common areas such as a kitchen, dining room or living room with other roommates.

This is very cost-effective, because you can get a really high-quality fully equipped room in a nice neighborhood and in an already fully furnished apartment or house.

For the corporate world, this is one of the best accommodation options, because you can rent a room that really matches your taste.

You can share a room with someone and have your own bed, bedside table, your own safe, etc. Or if you have the budget, you can pay extra and rent a room that will be all yours, and which will have a private bathroom, toilet, dressing room, and work area.

As part of Coliving, there is also the great advantage of staying among people who already know the area, and if you want advice on, for example, where there is a quality café or restaurant, just ask. You will also create quality contacts that can last you a lifetime.

The corporate world is nice, but recognize that work is not everything. If you choose Coliving for your business trip, you will also find many leisure activities here and possibly with people from whom you will share housing. Every job is done better when you are relaxed, which is why Coliving is currently one of the best corporate accommodation options on the market.

If we take into account the fact that you will work all day and then come to the apartment in the evening, it is clear that you will want your peace and privacy.

You will certainly be pleased to know that all common areas are protected by security cameras and that before taking in any client, Coliving companies perform several important checks on whether a particular client is suitable for the apartment.

For example, his criminal history is examined, what he does, how he makes a living and the like. So you can always feel safe in this regard. When you move in, you will also receive your own safe, so you do not have to worry that someone will take away or even look at your work belongings and documents.

In addition to the fact that the price is really great compared to various hotels of similar quality, you can be sure that you will move into an apartment or house as part of Coliving which will always be clean. Coliving companies provide regular cleaning of the premises.

So if you are an employee of a company that often sends you on business trips, then try a Coliving accommodation instead of a hotel. You will definitely not be disappointed.

We would rather say that you will be surprised and may not even want to leave. However, it should be noted that Coliving is currently located mostly in larger cities.

This type of accommodation is slowly expanding to other smaller areas, but is currently active the most in major parts of New York. But that’s very good news, because it doesn’t matter where you need to live in any of the five parts of New York, you can always be sure to find Coliving there.

Focusing on work will probably be one of your other top priorities. Thus, we will provide you with an assurance that almost every roommate is fair and will not break any rules for quality cohabitation.

If any resident of the Coliving does not meet the conditions of the Coliving company and repeatedly disturbs his roommates or does anything to the detriment of his roommate, the Coliving company will immediately terminate his contract. These things are very controlled and that is why you can be sure that you will always have enough peace and quiet to do your work.

For the corporate sector, work comes first and that’s why you’re moving to New York for a while. Therefore, apartments and houses are fully equipped for work, even for working from home.

You will always have your own desk at which you can sit undisturbed and work on your career. You will have not only your own work desk in your room, but also work desks arranged in various places around the house.

Of course, there is absolutely high quality and high-speed internet, which you can use non-stop for work. In addition, most Coliving companies ask you in advance what the purpose of your visit is and what your priorities are.

Based on your answers, the staff of the Coliving company will be happy to advise you on which place will be most suitable for you and be as close as possible to the availability of transport to your workplace.

Coliving thus clearly competes with hotels, motels and other types of accommodation, not only in terms of price, but also in terms of quality and social connection.

So, if your employer sends you to New York on a business trip in the near future and provides you with a certain budget, consider Coliving as one of your TOP accommodation options.

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