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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2020


(Oct. 12, 2020) — College students who know everything and demand smooth, entertaining words to keep breathing air need to snap out of their hallucinations now.  Suburban liberals and freedom-posers must understand that our future has never depended on Trump’s style, Twitter words, confrontations and tone.  We voted in someone who is a patriot and who loves America, because it was most clear that Obama and Biden did not. That bag of shame included Hillary Clinton.

Those with propaganda-dazed minds have always missed the point, missing bold acts of bravery and courage and instead self-injecting the drug of Democrat lies and assaults on our country.  While many Democrats sipped their lattes and ate their scones under Obama and Biden, religious rights were being crushed and our military and nuclear arsenal was being shattered almost into non-existence.  Our economy was almost ruined due to massive tax increases, business regulations and the desperate mass exodus of businesses abroad.

The Obama and Biden regime conducted and supported apology tours worldwide spreading shame instead of hope.  Obama and Biden did nothing but raise taxes and destroy businesses with draconian regulations while assaulting Christians and any conservatives.  I still have my T shirt quoting Obama’s attack on gun owners and Christians and wear it proudly. I guess Obama called us “Bitter Clingers” because he and Biden thought we were wrong and stupid fools for exercising our 2nd amendment rights and standing on God’s Holy Word.  To this day, my favorite T shirt I wear says…  “I am a bitter clinger.”

Back to those who need warm, cuddly and smooth sound bytes from your president and leaders, Obama and Biden have both been sound-byte masters and teleprompter addicts to sound so smooth.  Only now, Biden is not the smooth teleprompter liberal he used to be under Obama; now he rambles, forgets, and rams sentences together that are so “compound, complex” and complicated in their pointlessness that you feel lost in a liberal labyrinth.

Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, is the snarky, sarcastic and hostile bad cop who prefers the lying, attack sound-byte theater.  Her style and eye-rolling performances don’t inspire any to think of her as the next vice president and maybe president, but rather more like the Wicked Witch of the East who will wave a wand against all who disagree or won’t be controlled.

Stuck-on-stupid “style addicts” need to understand and learn real history.  General George Patton was a larger-than-life General during World War II.  He was thought of as having a brilliant, courageous military mind; he was also known to be gruff and in-your-face and even slapped a cowardly soldier once for his incessant whining.  General Patton was a key force in a time of international peril and danger to the U.S. and world. You try taking on Hitler and the Nazi party.  Patton did, and under his “gruff” leadership and others like him, we won.

President Trump has done more in his first four years as president than most presidents ever have. This has been due to his non-political style, real belief in God and the American people. He has approached all kinds of leaders and countries and changed insane international monetary and trade deals to sane, fair and America-first deals.  Obama and Biden didn’t have time to fix the worldwide trade mess and do the right thing for America and Israel because they were too busy with their worldwide shame tours.

Who cares that Trump talks real and calls things like they are?  Who cares that he calls out criminals, liars and those who are playing the anti-American game? Trump is the only known commodity for America this election that has proven his courage and brilliant leadership while standing for what is right, even while mostly standing alone.

Forget Democrat, Biden and Kamala “tone” and “talk” and remember President Trump’s performance, action and faithfulness to God and country while enduring constant lying attacks.

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  1. I’m not sure how much President Trump’s “style” hurts him, but I do believe if he had been more “presidential” the planned and promised after Obama cover of Hillary Clinton would have been elected in 2016 and all hope of saving our Constitutional Republic lost…..forever. Asking Trump to change his style is asking him to lose………………