by Tom Arnold, ©2020

(Oct. 8, 2020) — I feel that I need to preface my question by telling you who I am, including a little background information.  It is my only chance of getting through Mr Limbaugh’s screeners/censors to have my voice heard on his radio show (and, of course, to ask you, Mr President, my question).  If I do get through to you, it will be the “first” time that I have ever succeeded in having any of my comments or questions heard on the Limbaugh show.

I am a 76-, going on 77-, year-old retiree.  I am a military veteran of the Vietnam era (however, I served in Europe in a military police unit), a retired 30+ year law enforcement and criminal court officer with nineteen years of formal education, a registered Independent voter in Nevada (I voted for you in 2016 and intend to do so again in this year’s general election), and an American citizen and patriot.  Is all of that good enough for me to be given the privilege by Mr. Limbaugh’s screeners of asking you, Mr President, my question on air?

The subject matter of my inquiry is, in my humble but relatively educated and experienced opinion, one of the most important matters in history that our country has ever had to deal with and must get resolved! It is a constitutional question, which unfortunately our U.S. Supreme Court admittedly has been “evading.” It has resulted in great controversy, especially in recent years (since 2008) and is critical from a national security standpoint to the continued existence of our Democratic Republic.  Here is my question, Mr President.

What is the Article II meaning in our constitution of “natural born Citizen”?  I acknowledge that you, Donald Trump, are not a Supreme Court justice, but I know that you must have researched this matter and formed your expert opinion on it as president.  As you undoubtedly know, being a “natural born Citizen” is a requirement which must be met before a party’s candidate can be certified and placed on the various states’ ballots as being constitutionally eligible for the offices of vice president and president of the United States.  Allow me to assure you that a “natural born Citizen” is NOT a native born citizen, NOT an “anchor baby” born citizen, NOT a naturalized citizen, and certainly NOT a dual citizen with allegiances to other countries, philosophies, and world views besides our own (I hesitate to tell you this, but I contend that both “Barack Obama” and Kamala Harris are dual citizens, at best).

Thank you, Mr President, and may God bless and take care of you and VP Mike Pence.  Rush Limbaugh, too.  Above all, may God bless and help save the United States of America in these most extraordinary times.

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  1. Tom, “DON’T give up the ship”-James Lawrence, Captain (USN), (1813), USS Chesapeake. Some of these tough cases take years, many years. One of my previous cases against the Department of VA took (16) years. The case eventually was ruled in favor of my client. It took me (35) years to get my VA Compensation which I now have. I filed in 1974 and received a favorable settlement in 2011. These things don’t come easy. I do believe however that the truth WILL prevail. The truth cannot be escaped.

  2. In a book entitled “All I Ever Wanted to Know about Donald Trump I Learned From His Tweets” by John Gartner on pages 7 to 10 Trump is noted to have made 21 tweets about Obama’s birth certificate. Here Trump is proud he got Obama to release his birth certificate and he made other related statements. Further, I recall Trump having stated, ” I sent my own investigators to Hawaii and you’ll never guess what they found”. I am aware Trump and Sheriff Arpaio were social and most likely shared information and evidence with each other. Further, on 07/18/2012 on the Hannity Show Trump made a statement of Obama’s fakeness.

    I didn’t expect Trump to take action until the end of his term, but now that he is running for a
    second term, I wouldn’t expect him take action until some time after the election. Likely Trump will be elected again and then take corrective action against Team Obama. Surley, Team Obama can’t be resting well at night. And Trump is likely aware Kamala is
    fake too.

  3. I have been seeking an answer since at least 2009 and am perplexed that someone besides Joe Arpaio has not taken the challenge. Everyone in congress has received the researched answer and did nothing. Perhaps the threat of assassination was likely may have caused many to be extremely quiet. Now that Trump is in, this question may likely be run through the new Supreme Court. I suspect that one Justice is compromised for unknown reasons. Let us hope that Americans begin to realize they live in a Republic not a Democracy and understand the differences.

  4. What I meant to say before my editing time expired (my fault) was- Mr Limbaugh (or his staff) was the only one of the intended recipients who did not accept mailing of a complimentary copy of my book. It was unceremoniously returned to me. Tom Arnold.

  5. Surprise, surprise! I am told that my question did not pass the screener’s test (whatever that is) or get on the air! Like I’ve always said- a fawning 12 year old’s question or comment has a thousand times better chance of getting through to ElRushbo than anything I might want to say. I also think I should note that Mr Limbaugh was THE ONLY ONE of two dozen or so people to whom I sent a complimentary copy of my booklet which was published last year. I guess that he, or his “censors,” didn’t want to hear about “THE SICK TREASONOUS TRUTH SURROUNDING BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.” Oh, well. Maybe I should just give up the “fight!” My “opponents” are everywhere!