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October 8, 2020

Flag of Victoria, Australia (Wikimedia Commons, public domain)

Dear Editor,

I’m even more confused with this “Crispy” bloke (whose memory’s none too crisp) [“Crisp flips evidence on minister briefing”, Herald Sun, 8/10!]  Because there was a bloke I nicknamed “Hollywood”, who, when a very high-ranking Victoria Police officer was very often on the tele and was responsible for an email instructing police not to pursue speeding-in-getaway-cars criminals and/or shoot at them in/from cars, or something like that; and his name was Andrew Crisp?

Is this “Crispy” bloke the very same Andrew “Hollywood” Crisp, who, as the Andrews/Merlino Victorian  Government’s Emergency Management Commissioner, chaired a vital meeting which decided not to use (or a day later knocked back) the Morrison/McCormack Federal Government’s (the Australian people’s) offers of defence-force personnel to help guard/manage COVID-19 hotel quarantine precautions? This “Crispy” bloke is now recanting on his sworn evidence that he regularly briefed his Police and Emergency Services Minister, Lisa Neville (who should have immediately made the use of ADF hotel quarantine guards decision any way!), on the hotel quarantine guarding and tracking of coronavirus contacts?

 Is ”Crispy” the very same Andrew “Hollywood” Crisp bloke so very often on the tele when a very high-ranking VicPol Officer (and recently, as some Emergency Big-Wig during the bushfires)?

 You, there, Premier Andrews, Dep. Premier Merlino and Police Minister Neville? (Just asking.)


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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