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by OPOVV, ©2020

marybettiniblank, Pixabay, License

(Oct. 6, 2020) — As the house lights dim, the music of Yankee Doodle (Dandy)” (1:31) is heard. A young modern-day American male walks to center stage where a single spotlight shines down. The backdrop is row upon row of white cemetery markers. He faces the audience and speaks aloud his question; he is answered by an omnipresent voice.

“Where are we? What do you call this place?”

“It is called Arlington National Cemetery.’”

“Are you for real or am I just having a bad dream?”

“I am real and this isn’t any dream.”

“But how? Why?”

“Because you have turned your back on your country; forget the blind eye. You’re a coward among heroes, people who fought and died for their country, and I’m going to explain the facts of life to you.”

“But you can’t hurt me; why, you’re just a figment of my imagination.”

“Imagination born of guilt because you’re a follower; never had an original thought. The problem with you is you haven’t any free will so you’d best pay attention or else you’ll find yourself lost forever.”

“Forever? Am I going to die?”

“I really don’t know and furthermore I really don’t care. Your childish worldview leaves a lot to be desired, in case you haven’t noticed. You suffer, not from Trump Derangement Syndrome, but from ignorance. Look around you and bask in the glory of men who sacrificed for others, something you would never do because you’ve no idea what a high cost freedom is, which is why you so cavalierly discard the Second Amendment.”

“The Democratic Party’s platform is to abolish the Second Amendment.”

“The Democratic Party is now the Socialist Party of the United States, and the first step to Socialism is to remove the people’s means of protection from an out-of-control government, such as what happened in 1930’s Germany and today’s Cuba and Venezuela.”

“And all these people died to keep Socialism out of the United States?”

“Every one of these markers points to the dream of the Constitution being kept alive, something that the Democratic Party has no intention of doing. You know, don’t you, that a vote for Biden is as if you had murdered any one of these dead heroes by stabbing them in the back, something you will surely be doing if you vote Democrat.”

“I really don’t care.”

“Yes, I know you don’t care. You must surely know that you will be forever branded a loser, not only personally, but also citizenship-wise. The only thing I can say is that a person’s worth is measured by whether or not any mourned his passing; no one will mourn for you.”

“I don’t care.”

“Of course you don’t care, because if you did care you would understand why we have places like this, a place set aside for only those who sacrificed for their country so they may lie at rest when their eternal vigilance was interrupted by the Grim Reaper, an acquaintance we all must meet at some time.”

“I don’t like you.”

“I’m sorry you don’t like yourself. I have the cure.”

“You do?”

“Call it what you will; call it an Act of Attrition, but vote for Trump, vote for America, vote for the Founding Fathers and all who kept our great country intact, from the first to the present.”

“Are you leaving, leaving me alone surrounded by all of these markers?”

Stage spotlight dims as Hail to the Chief” (0:57) is played; curtain lowers.



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