October 4, 2020


Dear Friends and Colleagues:

I’ve been too busy to compose my thoughts over the past couple of months, despite so many awful things on the “news.”  This piece is a short break from more pressing personal stuff.

First among the “awfuls” was the horror of watching police forced to “stand down” in the face of riots that burned buildings and ruined lives of shop owners, and even as innocents were beaten and murdered because Democrat mayors and Democrat governors refused to acknowledge (and thus failed to act) that some of their “supporters” were imposing this misery on others of their constituents.  Peaceful protests don’t lead to arson and mayhem and large-scale theft, and any fool can see that.  Despite all evidence, somehow, CNN and the big three could only see “peaceful” protestors.  Aha!  But now they’ve found a way to shift blame – it is “Right-Wing Militias” that are causing chaos and mayhem.  Sure, although funny, there is no “film of this at 11.”

The mayhem should cause us to reflect upon why free people agree to establish systems of governance over their collective affairs in the first place and what their priorities are in doing so.  The first and foremost reason they do so is safety — the desire of innocents to be protected from harm by others among them who would do them harm.  Based on this idea, the governed agree to adopt reasonable laws to cover their affairs and identify prohibited activities – crimes, if you will.  The citizens are willing to pay for governance that promises qualified people and resources to provide protection and to enforce the laws so as to live in relative peace and safety and maybe even harmony.

That is the number one priority of government! When the Democrat mayors and governors refuse to permit the law enforcement agencies paid for by their constituents to restore order, those Democrat “authorities” violate their oath of office and cheat their constituents.  They should be turned out of office.

The only “demand” of government written into our beloved Constitution is “provide for the national defense.”  Let that sink in.

The citizens of those Democrat-run cities and states who tied the hands of law enforcement to deal with out-of-control rioting ought to demand a refund of their taxes and refuse to pay any more because they are definitely not getting what they pay for and deserve.

Old Frank

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