by Dwight Kehoe, ©2020, TPATH

(Sep. 26, 2020) — Many people including most who visit and contribute to the TPATH REMARKS web pages have for many weeks now wondered just how long the DNC thought they could fool their voters. For certain that has been their required MO for many decades as relates to the true agenda of those working behind the Oz Curtain. Marxists can never have complete control of the people, which encompasses decades of their hidden desire, if they are educated and informed.

But what we have here and now seems to be the blunder of all blunders. There can be no person, having seen him over these past few months, who is not painfully aware of the cognitive decay which has consumed Joe Biden. The man simply cannot put two sentences together that make sense? Seriously, Democrats, you will vote for such impaired ability to run this country, yet you know you wouldn’t hire him to watch your children. But that’s a separate issue.

The DNC, so accustomed to manipulating their voters, actually believes they can fool them, yet again. This proves beyond any doubt that the leaders of that leftist political party think and appear to know that their voters are idiots.

Our Constitutional Republic has been the foundation of this country’s prosperity since it’s inception. The people have always had the right to know whom they are voting for and what policies they can expect to see implemented.

TPATH has a few questions for those who intend to vote for Biden next month. Each of you can, and many will, answer these deceptively for the consumption of those you consider to be your enemy. But they are being presented to you for self reflection because true Patriots don’t really care if you answer truthfully or not. Your choice.

  1. Do you really believe Joe Biden has the ability to lead this country?

  2. Do you think that the DNC believes he can run this country?

  3. Do you know whom or what will be running your life, your family, your employment and your future if you elect Biden?

An answer of NO to any one or all of these questions should give anyone pause for concern. Where is this country headed and who or what is directing it? Should everyone voting not know the answers to these crucial things?

To my Democrat friends, not those inflicted with TDS, but those who truly care for and love our country, you can deny the perversion being fed to you or you can face the reality that a vote for Joe Biden is a vote for the hidden agenda of those controlling him. You might agree with what they intend for you, but the point is, you have no idea what that might be.

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