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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2020

Photo: skeeze, Pixabay, License

(Sep. 25, 2020) — Soooo, faithful P&E readers, how bad do you think it could it get if – by lawful means or…, otherwise…, – Slow Joe Biden and Ineligible Kamala Harris win the general election?  Better question: if the Biden-Harris team wins and the Senate falls into the hands of the Democrats and the House remains in control of The Wretch of San Crapcisco, how much worse could it get?   If you’ve not yet thought along those lines, you should begin doing so now.

These are not hypothetical questions but instead are real ones deserving closer analysis.  Taking a cue from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi regarding the replacement of now-departed Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg, if the Democrats succeed in grabbing even more political power, then “nothing is off the table.”  Nothing?  Like in “anything goes?”

If “nothing is off the table,” that could also be construed as a threat by an insane person.  Maniacs such as those now leading the Party of the Democrats (“POTD”) should not be allowed to come within one parsec (around 19 trillion miles) of the reins of power, because they will wield that power to destroy all that stands in their way.  This is the nature of totalitarians.  It is embedded in their DNA.  They cannot help it.

So, from a maniac’s perspective, what could happen?

Well, for openers, we have all heard the stories of the lunatics taking revenge on the GOP if the Democrats win both the presidency and the Senate.  Get set for District of Columbia and Puerto Rico statehood, meaning four (4) more Democrat Senators and several more Democrat Representatives in the House.  Translation: absolute control over impeachments, budgets, Supreme Court nominations and confirmations into the foreseeable future…., also known as “forever.”  But wait…, there’s more.

Why stop at D.C. and Puerto Rico?  Why not statehood for Guam, American Samoa, the Northern Marianas and the Virgin Islands?  More states with Democrat Senators would give the Loons of the Left an even bigger margin.  The fact that those U.S. territories are unincorporated (i.e., not eligible for statehood) could be fixed with the stroke of Biden’s pen…. or ineligible Kamala’s Sharpie.  Their admission to the union (voluntary or otherwise) could be conditioned upon a commitment that, for the first century of their statehood, all of their Senators and Representatives would be registered Democrats…, and required to vote as such.  Their pre-marked mail-in ballots would be harvested and submitted for them by “community organizers.”

How about the threats of Democrat leaders to “pack” the Supreme Court?  Not to worry.  If the Democrats control both the House and the Senate, such a radical proposal would be unnecessary.  Instead, why not just impeach all of the conservative Justices on the Supreme Court?  After all, does not their presence on the bench of the highest court in the land imperil the very existence of the nation and, indeed, the world?

Indeed, are they not a “clear and present” danger to civilization itself warranting impeachment for committing the “high crime and misdemeanor” of interpreting the Constitution from an “originalist” perspective?  Justice Thomas?  Gone!  Alito?  Gone!  Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and whoever the new justice is?  Gone, gone, gone!  Chief Justice Roberts could be spared, of course, as long as he continues to “toe the line” with regard to President Biden’s (or…, shudder…, President Harris’s) wishes.

And how about the Electoral College?  Relax.  No need to abolish it.  Simply federalize the National Popular Vote Compact to allow the election of a president according to the popular votes cast in eight or nine of the most populous states.

And with the granting of actual citizenship (don’t bother with a “road to citizenship” as it takes too long) to between 11 and 20 million illegal aliens already here, conditioning such citizenship, of course, on for them and the first two generations of their children thereafter registration as Democrats – and casting their votes as such the same way as described above regarding the “new” states of Guam, American Samoa, the Northern Marianas and the Virgin Islands – the efficacy of the Electoral College could be destroyed.  Why bother with the cumbersome and time-consuming method of formally amending the Constitution to eliminate the anachronistic mechanism…?

And what about eliminating all fossil fuel-consuming elements of the economy – from automobiles, to trucks to ships to aircraft to electric power plants – by, say, 2035 (as lunatic Governor Newsom proposes for California regarding passenger cars and trucks?   Memo to Biden: good luck getting Air Force One off the ground with a bunch of lithium-ion batteries.  What a dunce.

What about Second Amendment rights?  Hey, stop worrying about the number of guns out there and just impose a 500% (or more) tax on ammunition.  Oh, and prohibit home ammo re-loading and order the immediate confiscation and surrender of all stockpiles of previously-acquired ammo.  Easy.

antriksh, Pixabay

Think these ideas are crazy?  You are correct…, and they are precisely the species of nightmarish potentials which, in a worst-case scenario, could come true under a Biden-Harris regime.  Conspiracy theory?  Right…, recall that the original claim that Slick Willie Clinton was engaged in “extreme mentoring” in the Oval Office was by his conniving and enabling spouse labeled a “vast right-wing conspiracy.”  What a cobra.

Finally, remember what Lord Acton said: “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  And if you believe otherwise, you are in deep denial… c’mon, man!!

Vote carefully in November.

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