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(Sep. 24, 2020) — Mr. Rush Limbaugh: “Biden’s not the candidate. We don’t know who is”. “Whoever is behind the scenes running this campaign is more than likely who is going to be the power behind the throne”.

One of the most insightful political thinkers determined a presidential candidate is really a stand-in, but he hadn’t determined the controlling mastermind.

Citizens about evenly identify with the two major political parties, and almost all newspaper and television media assists one and never stops attacking the other. In an evenly divided country a powerful force induced nearly all owners and executives of news sources to choose one side.

The party the media backs is Democrats, whose history includes fighting a war inside the U.S. to keep people with black skin as property and not human, and yet something persuades black people to overwhelming vote for them.

Today high-ranking Democrats are releasing large numbers of criminals from jail, reducing police personnel and equipment that keeps our families and property safe, shutting down the economy causing millions to lose their jobs, and allowing cities they control to devolve into crime and darkness.

Undisputed facts show in the past the Democrat party was evil, and by openly increasing lawlessness and harm to citizens in the present evidences they are the same. But with that reality, parents end relationships with their children who won’t denounce opposition to the bad group. What hate could cause family to so injure each other?

Few of the “mostly peaceful” protesters would benefit from the socialist/communist system they agitate to impose, and if you ask them what they think about the food, electricity, and gasoline shortages that will follow and hurt them, if they have an answer at all it won’t be truthful. So what brainwashed them to work so hard to harm themselves?

The odds are too long, impossible actually, it was random chance nearly all media goes for evil, blacks mostly vote for the group that enslaved them, many close family members so wound each other, and vast amount of citizens seek financial and physical discomfort for themselves.

The evidence shows a real organizing force exists inducing humans to make bad choices, and for thousands of years it has been called the devil. Thus, it is truthful to say elected officials who joined as a confederation to keep humans as property based on skin color and today condone arson, theft, and attacks on police are enablers of the devil.

Voters now have enough information to identify the real Democrat party presidential candidate, and we can call them their true name the devilcratparty.

The last four years have shown servants of the monster will go to any length to be in power including spying on and jailing citizens, injuring peace officers, and widespread bankrupting of businesses. The way to stop them is using accurate language to describe who they serve, and if good people don’t use truthful words this will allow the devilcrat party to strengthen to where they can have their second nationwide shooting war inside the United States.

Daniel Lee is a California attorney and helicopter pilot. 

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  1. Absolutely correct. I pray fervently for Donald Trump to be appointed again, by The One who appoints all those in authority. If we are so close to the end times, that the DNC gets into the presidential seat with their agenda of abortion, same-sex marriages, gender denial, and enmity to Christians and Jews, then we can expect some inarguable events to follow. One of them is the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem.

    Every generation, since the resurrection of the Lord’s Messiah, has found reasons to believe they were in the end times. Until the temple is rebuilt, we are not in the end times – and there is still hope for the USA and the rest of us to enjoy peace and prosperity for a while longer. But we know that this is not forever.