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(Sep. 23, 2020) — On Friday, The Post & Email interviewed L. Todd Wood, founder and Editor-in-Chief of Creative Destruction Media (cdm.press), which for a year has been releasing articles and exclusive recordings of conversations alleged to have taken place between then-Vice President Joseph R. Biden and then-Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko when Biden served as the Obama administration’s “point man” on Ukraine.

A September 16 article included three audio-recordings with the accompanying explanation:

A new audio tape released this morning between then Vice President Joe Biden and the former President Poroshenko in Ukraine shows Biden talking down the competence of the incoming Trump administration and declaring he will ‘stay involved’ in what is going on in Ukraine after the inauguration.

In the second tape, Biden calls Trump ‘the dog who caught the car’, who has no idea of what to do, and Biden and Poroshenko have ‘a real chance of making him a hero’. In other words, damaging the incoming administration and making them look bad…

The third tape shows Biden discussing getting Poroshenko’s children into University of Pennsylvania, as payback for helping the Obama Administration in their Ukrainian anti-Trump endeavors…

Wood’s reporting on Biden and Poroschenko began last fall, citing Ukrainian sources, providing translations and alleging Biden was “colluding with the former Ukrainian president against the Trump transition in 2016.”

On October 21, 2019, the outlet published an article titled, “CD Media Releasing Information On Poroshenko Money Laundering/Biden Cover Up, In Series Of Articles, With Sourcing” which begins, “CD Media has personally seen and obtained an immense amount of data on the story we broke last week regarding former Ukrainian Petro Poroshenko’s laundering of hundreds of millions of dollars of IMF aid money and the attempts by the Democratic Party and the Obama Administration to cover up the scandal and go after now President Trump, along with involvement by then Vice President Joe Biden, and his son Hunter Biden.”

On Wednesday, the Republican-chaired Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and Committee on Finance released a report finding that there were “conflicts of interest” concerning Biden’s son Hunter having been appointed to the Board of Directors of Ukrainian energy company Burisma, which State Department Deputy Assistant Secretary George Kent said he believed should come under investigation for corruption in testimony last fall to the House Intelligence Committee during its impeachment hearings.

“What the Chairmen discovered during the course of this investigation is that the Obama administration knew that Hunter Biden’s position on Burisma’s board was problematic and did interfere in the efficient execution of policy with respect to Ukraine,” the report states on page 4. “Moreover, this investigation has illustrated the extent to which officials within the Obama administration ignored the glaring warning signs when the vice president’s son joined the board of a company owned by a corrupt Ukrainian oligarch. And, as will be discussed in later sections, Hunter Biden was not the only Biden who cashed in on Joe Biden’s vice presidency.”

Joe Biden is the Democratic nominee for President of the United States.  According to ABC7 in Chicago, the Biden campaign dismissed the Republican-majority committees’ findings “as as an effort by an ally of Trump’s to damage his election opponent.”

Our interview with Wood spanned his military background, previous career on Wall Street and reason for launching CD Media, which earlier this month was de-platformed by Twitter, YouTube, Patreon, Stripe and Paypal, Wood reported. “Our reporting on the Obama Deep State Information Operation and Biden/DNC/Clinton/Deep State Department criminal activity in Ukraine must have hit home!” Wood wrote on September 9.

We asked Wood about the authenticity of the recordings released September 16. “Are you able to say for sure that these are Biden and Poroshenko?  “I have been working the region for decades, so I have contacts that I can verify that, yes,” he told us.

“Did you work in military intelligence at all?” we asked.

“I went to the Air Force Academy and studied the Russian language there,” he replied. “Then, as a pilot, I flew special operations and counterterrorism missions, and obviously I studied Russian weapon systems in depth.  Then I went to Wall Street for almost 20 years and traded the market, which included a lot of Eastern European, Ukrainian and Russian bonds, so I made a lot of contacts there.  In 2011, I started a journalism career and traveled extensively to the region again and built up literally over the last decade a lot of contacts.  Little did I know in 2015 that when I started Tzarism.com, which is our Eastern European site, that it would become the center of the political universe in the United States.”

Wood is also a novelist but is working to build a “global news service,” he said.  “We want to be a Reuters without all of the progressive spin.”

“Has there been any reaction from the Biden campaign that you know of after the recordings were released?”

“No, and as I said, we’ve been releasing these for months, and other recordings, and the mainstream media and the campaign just completely ignore us.  There’s no mention of it at all; only when they have to. The New York Times actually wrote an article about this — when we released the [story about the] $7 million bribe in Ukraine to stop the Burisma investigations — they caught the guy with the bag of cash and everything; Hunter Biden is obviously tied to Burisma, so that’s part of it, and The New York Times came out and said that the bribe to stop investigations into Hunter Biden it had nothing to do with Hunter Biden.  It’s hilarious.”

“The media is not asking Joe Biden anything about Burisma.”

“It goes much deeper if you read our stuff.  It’s not just Burisma; it’s millions of dollars in money-laundering.  That’s why they cannot let Trump win.”

“So you can say you’re 100% confident in your source of the recordings?”


When we raised the possibility that federal laws were broken and the media’s silence on that aspect, Wood responded, “There’s the foreign Corrupt Practices Act with Biden getting Poroshenko’s children into UPenn.  Biden was in Ukraine to help corruption and he just put it on steroids.  The DNC, the Deep State…there were FBI agents taking bribes.”

“Have you ever personally spoken with Biden or Poroshenko?”

“No.  I’ve had contacts with the former Ukrainian government under Poroshenko.  I’ve spent a lot of time there, so I’ve met members of Parliament and some people from the Central Bank.  I’ve met people in Ukraine, but I’ve never spoken to either of those two individuals directly.”

“Is there anything you’d like to add about your reportage on Biden and Poroshenko?

“CD Media — our short link, cdm.press — has been out front on this more than anyone.  Lara Logan from Fox tweeted us out this morning, so we’re starting to get noticed in the right circles.  There is a crying-out need for a new media company in the United States that can take business from this progressive cabal of corporate media that we have, and that’s what we’re building.”


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  1. $atan $oros+Pelosi+Obama II+Joke Biden II+Coke Biden+Hillary+Others = Democriminals

    “There is a crying-out need for a new media company in the United States that can take business from this progressive cabal of corporate media that we have…” = The Post & Email

    I Have A Dream that Trump and Durham et al will open the floodgates of truth before Election Day, right after a Supreme Court Justice candidate is confirmed, and
    Obama II+Biden II+Harris, Too, will be indicted for criminal leaderships fraught with fraud.

    08-28-08- TODAY = A Lawless Legacy of Lunacy…WHERE IS LAW ENFORCEMENT and JAIL TIME JUSTICE?

    More and more we see each day, that the optional make-believe laws of man must be subordinated, or ignored altogether, and trumped by the lessons from the Bible and the forever non-negotiable laws of Nature to live by!