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September 17, 2020

Photo: dbreen, Pixabay, License

Dear Editor,

There was a bloke I nicknamed “Hollywood”, who, when a very high-ranking Victoria Police officer was very often on the tele and responsible for an email instructing police not to pursue speeding-in-getaway-cars criminals and/or shoot at them in/from cars, or something like that, and his name was Andrew Crisp?

The same Andrew Crisp who, as the Andrews/Merlino Victorian Government’s Emergency Management Commissioner, “…did not see a need for (ADF soldiers’) boots on the ground…” , by accepting the — now proven! — Morrison/McCormack Federal Government’s (the Australian people’s) offers of Australian Defence Force personnel (soldiers) to guard COVID-19 hotel quarantine?

The very same Andrew “Hollywood” Crisp, former high-ranking VicPol office bloke so very often on the tele recently as some Emergency Big-Wig during the bushfires and who has now provided three different reports to Victoria’s hotel quarantine inquiry because he “forgot” about a high-level Covid-19-handling meeting with former VicPol Chief Commissioner Ashton and Police Minister Lisa Neville?

You, there, Premier Andrews and/or Dep. Premier Merlino? (Just asking: because if you, Premier Andrews, can get your ‘lines right’ when you front the inquiry, Victorians will be treated to a true “Hollywood Blockbuster”? )


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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