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(Sep. 13, 2020) — You’re kidding me…, right?  That story about “Saint Mueller and the Sanitized Cell Phones” is fake news…, right?  And we are just learning about this now, when the “sanitizing” took place like, two years ago?

Ummmm…, no: it is true.  The vaunted Special Counsel St. Mueller Team’s cell phones – at least the majority (15) of the major Mueller Team “players’” government-issued cell phones – were wiped clean of any information otherwise being sought pursuant to the investigation by the Office of the Inspector General (“OIG”) of the Department of Justice.

Mind you, the phones’ internal memories had been destroyed by the Mueller Team members after the request for the production of the phones had been made by the OIG.  Why this does not constitute felonious destruction of evidence is unknown, but perhaps James (“no-reasonable-prosecutor-would-charge”) Comey or Hillary (“BleachBit-Babe”) Clinton could offer some insight.  Or maybe even John Durham could look into it… do not hold your breath.

For example, on September 27, 2018, we find (at p. 50 of the Special Counsel Office phone inventory) an entry for Mueller Team attack dog Andrew Weissman reading: “AAW accidentally wiped cell phone – data lost.”  Really?

This reminds your faithful servant of the joke about the guy explaining to the police as they stand next to a dead body on the sidewalk: “Officer, I was just standing here whittling this wood figurine for my girlfriend when this dude (gesturing to the lifeless body on the ground) comes running around the corner and accidentally runs into my knife,” to which the cop asks “accidentally…, you mean like…, fifteen times?”

The wiping of the Mueller Team phones was apparently accomplished by the same method, i.e., manually going into the “Settings” file, placing the phones into “airplane mode” and then entering the “wrong passcode” too many times.  When that limit is reached, apparently the phone locks up and reverts to original factory settings, thereby wiping and “destroying” any captured information in the phone’s memory such as calls made, calls received, texts, emails and the like.  Or something like that.  Slick, no?

The depth of deceit, mendacity and outright criminality of these denizens of the Beltway, aided and abetted by a zombiefied Fourth Estate that, with rare exceptions, can no longer define objective journalism, much less even pronounce the term, is only underscored by the revelation of these events, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act.

A Fox News report showcases a computer guru – one Kurt Knutsson, “The Cyber Guy” – on the topic.  The host, Jedediah Bila, specifically asks her guest to explain the “coincidence” in terms of the Mueller Team phones.  Knutsson, in turn, cites the 2018 OIG Report of Inspector General Michael Horowitz on how certain FBI phones suffered the same data erasure.  Knutsson added, however, that the 2018 OIG report “actually found that there was no malintent…” associated with the data loss.

Seriously?  Ummm…, that assertion of “no malintent” would be relevant to the Mueller Team erasures if the 2018 OIG report addressed phones other than the ones which were the sole subject of that report: the FBI-issued phones of FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

In the later case of the Mueller Team data erasures – including the AAW “accidental” data wipe and “data lost” event of September 27, 2018 – the evidence is growing by the hour that not only was there malintent on the part of those who had phones “accidentally” placed into “airplane mode” and thereafter “accidentally” accessed with the wrong passcodes, there was also criminal “scienter” (i.e., knowledge that one’s actions are intentionally criminal) in the minds of those performing the “accidental” actions.

On a scale of one to , how likely do you think it is that, without coordinating their efforts or, say, reading an instructional text from someone on the Mueller Team…, perhaps with the initials “AAW”…, the 15 phones which had just been requested by the OIG got “accidentally” placed into airplane mode…, then inadvertently or “accidentally” repeatedly accessed with the wrong passcodes… fifteen times?

Again, I’ll wait.


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