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(Sep. 9, 2020) — We’re all conscious of our health more than ever right now. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain a bit of muscle, be more active or just have a healthier lifestyle, moving our bodies more and making healthier food choices just makes sense.

However, if you’re a glasses wearer it’s not always easy to exercise effectively when you have a set of frames on your face. Whether they’re bouncing on the bridge of your nose whilst you’re jogging, sliding down your face with sweat or you have to leave them in your locker at the swimming pool and try to make your way through the water without bumping into anyone, glasses and fitness aren’t always a good mix.

So, how can you preserve your vision and exercise effectively? Here we’ll explore what to look for in your next pair of frames.

Something durable

Imagine being in a spin class or using a skipping rope in your local gym and having your glasses fall to the floor. If they break, you’re stuck until you can get them repaired or replaced. However, if you opt for a pair of robust frames instead, they’re more likely to handle everything you throw at them. You’ll find a range of durable glasses here; just click the link. Knowing that your glasses are tough and resilient will give you the confidence to push yourself a little further during your workouts.

Choose something that actually fits

Your stunning oversized tortoise-shell frames might complement your skin tone and every outfit, but if they don’t stay on your face during your workout sessions, then you shouldn’t be wearing them! Don’t be afraid to look at another set of frames for exercise.

Make sure these frames specifically fit your face and face-shape. You could even consider finding a pair in the teens’ section for a snugger fit.

Look for nose grips

You’re working hard in the gym, which you know as soon as you start to sweat. Unfortunately, as we perspire, it can be difficult for our glasses to stay on our faces. Constantly stopping to push them back up our noses is incredibly frustrating and can be enough to put you off your stride.

When searching for your next pair of glasses, look for a pair that have nose grips. These little miracles will help to keep your frames in position!

Check out those sports brands

Sports brands are there for a reason. They’ve been developed by companies who specialise in athletes hitting their personal best. That includes eyewear! Famous sports brands like Nike and Adidas could help keep your workouts fuss-free if you are doing a sport that requires special sports eyewear.

And finally, prescription sunglasses and goggles

Maybe you’re fed up with being unable to see when you’re cycling and the sun is shining, or you’re unable to see where you’re going in the swimming pool. You’re not alone! Thankfully, there are plenty of prescription sunglasses and goggles available to help fitness lovers like you make the most out of their sweat sessions!

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