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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2020

Image: Donald Trump Twitter

(Sep. 1, 2020) — President Donald Trump has already won and will soon get reelected in a massive landslide victory.  This coming victory will magically escape most of the media and pollsters yet again as it did in 2016.

“Groundhog Day” will repeat the Hillary-and-Trump election cycle in the media and polls, this time with Trump and Biden.   Trump will win no matter what the misleading media and many lying polls say.  Most of us will be bored of the repeat movie that will play yet again.  This time we will be praying for commercials to give us a break.

Trump will hugely win.  This will occur no matter how many drugs Biden is given to function or no matter how many attacks and lies he and Kamala continue to hurl.  It will also happen no matter what combination of black and white Kamala is.

Biden and Kamala have no clue as to the real heart and soul of America.  By far, most Americans could care less what nationality combo or gender you are.  They support and love the melting pot and variety Americans have to offer.  What the Democrats don’t seem to understand, though, is that “the people” want and demand 100% American with real character to lead our nation.  We are sick of Democrat apology tours and forced injections of shame pushed into the heart and soul of our lives and culture.

3 Big ways Trump already has won

1st Win – He submits to God and the Holy Bible as the real inspiration, power and heart of America.  Because of his core, Christian beliefs, freedom and morals are coupled together. Trump doesn’t just invent morals and what is right and wrong as you go along.  Trump knows and is proud of the framework of America and builds from there.  Biden and Kamala build from a distorted and evolving power base that faithfully turns American history and greatness into amoral and shameful Jell-O.

2nd Win – Trump loves America and the people of America.  He believes in her greatness, prosperity, goodness and hope.  Biden and Kamala believe America is in darkness and they continue the Democrat message of shame and the importance of being your own God.  Trump has already won again.

The big “election-losing” problem Biden and Kamala have is that like most liberal Democrats, they believe in freedom only for themselves and fanaticize training and manipulating the masses to become high tax-paying serfs.  With their buckets of shame, they promote redistributing and dissecting America in their ungodly image.  Our miraculous history is not meant to cherish and preserve, but to attack and rewrite.

3rd Win – Trump will win reelection and be president for another four years. He will shake the Democrat liberals to their bones as they see their power shatter along with their ungodly schemes, violence across the country and their message of a “dark” America, void of any hope without them.

The people know, no matter what Biden and Kamala say, that the violence and attacks all across our country have been supported by Democrats.  Biden and Democrats at their convention recently said nada, zero about the massive burnings, riots and killings going on by Antifa and other paid radicals who have been destroying everything in sight for many months now.

The purpose of the rioters was never reacting to the murder of George Floyd, but a massive, criminal effort to try and blame Trump for all the unrest and violence.  The only problem with that is that most of America with an IQ above 35 already knows that the mayors and governors all across the country who minimize, stand with and look the other way as their cities burn and people die are liberal Democrats.  These same Democrats have refused all the way along Trump’s offer to bring in the National Guard and secure safety again for their citizens.

It is proven yet again that the Democrat governors and mayors of American cities would rather see their people shot and killed while businesses fail and economies go up in flames than to gain control, stop the violence and return safety to their people.  That is how desperate they are to blame Trump for anything they can try and conjure up.

Finally, here are just a few things that “the people” already know.

1) Biden doesn’t have the brain power, moral backbone or history to be president.

 2) Kamala is too much of a radical, liar and race-baiter to be taken seriously other than a tantrum-thrower.

3) America knows that Biden and Kamala have always supported Antifa and the violent protestors, especially if they can twist the truth around and pin it all on Trump.

4) Americans know that Trump is a real patriot, full of hope and has done more in his first four years than most of our presidents combined.  He has led with honor, courage, perseverance and love for God, our Constitution and the people of America.  He is returning America the Great, not America the Shamed.

Make sure you join the Trump victory train.  Pray, believe and vote for your country.

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  1. In reply to Gary Wilmott re the death (not murder, not killing) of George Floyd: according to the CDC and Dr. Fauci Floyd died of covid -19, just like the 94% of Americans who also died with an average of 2.6 comorbidities (26 for every 10 individuals), like heart disease, diabetes, cancer and/or lung disease. To include those individuals who died of accident, murder or suicide. If you were found to have or to have had covid at autopsy… covid was the cause! The rationale for arriving at this conclusion(s) has yet to be explained, but ‘money’ is no doubt at the core of it. And politics.

    When the four ‘involved’ officers come to trial next year I will be surprised if their lawyers don’t raise the Covid Defense… and call upon Dr. Fauci and the CDC as defense witnesses. When they are acquitted on all counts will a resurgence of looting, burning and murder be far behind? Bet on it…

  2. We need to stop making judgments about what happened with George Floyd. Murdered? I certainly don’t know. We don’t know. The optics are terrible, but we must wait until all the facts are in. Having read the complete autopsy report, I highly doubt that a case can be made for murder. Negligent homicide (manslaughter). Maybe. Probably.
    Racially motivated killing? I doubt it. Prove it. Do we really know how hard Officer Chauvin was pressing on Floyd’s neck? Read the autopsy report and apparently it was not hard enough to kill him. It would appear that a lethal dose of drugs combined with severe health issues were the primary factors contributing to Floyd’s death. His failure to cooperate with police resulted in Floyd being placed in a vulnerable position. Did the cops know that? I doubt it.
    We must stop acting like Kamala Harris and the other leftist miscreants who have no respect for due process. Making judgments in advance of a full investigation and/or a trial which will adjudicate the facts is irresponsible. This applies to the recent police shootings in Kenosha and Atlanta too. The police are being vilified and we just don’t have all the facts.