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by Tom Arnold, ©2020


(Aug. 29, 2020) — The Republican National Convention was very good. The Democrat National Convention was not so good. ONE GLARING ISSUE, though, and in my mind THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE facing our country today was not even mentioned by either party or their nominated candidates!

The issue I’m talking about is PUBLIC CORRUPTION (at least that’s the name for it which was given to me on my two visits several years ago to my local district FBI office).  By the way, I include our lack of respect for and conformity with our U. S. CONSTITUTION in this most important albeit unmentioned issue of public corruption.
The following statement is taken from the FBI website:  “Public corruption is the FBI’s TOP CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIVE PRIORITY.  It poses a THREAT TO OUR NATIONAL SECURITY AND WAY OF LIFE.”  My comment:  No kidding!  And, just take a look (below) at what else they have to say!
“The FBI is uniquely situated to combat corruption with the skills and capabilities to run complex operations and SURVEILLANCE!”  Oh, really!  Where have I seen that done before!  Do you suppose James Comey (FBI Director 2013 to May 2017) wrote this into the FBI manual?
I only wish to add that I (and I presume many others) have contacted, or attempted to contact, the FBI and DOJ numerous times over the last decade or more.  I have even written to their advertised website for citizens to report criminal activities (which ought to be of interest, especially EXTREME and NATIONAL SECURITY interest, to them).  The website is OIG.hotline@usdoj.gov.  Now and for the last couple of years, they always respond to me by telling me, “Your message couldn’t be delivered to the recipient because you DON’T HAVE PERMISSION (my caps) to send it!”  Something strikes me about this as being wrong!  Maybe I’m thinking about my 1st Amendment rights!  Oh, well.
Now, I would like to talk about another matter which I believe qualifies as PUBLIC CORRUPTION, if not worse.  For this, we take a look at the CIA.  Their website includes the statement:  “The CIA’s primary concern is to collect, evaluate, and disseminate foreign intelligence to assist the president and senior US government policymakers in making decisions related to national security.”
Also:  “The CIA  does not make policy.”  And:  “The CIA provides undergraduate, and graduate scholarships for qualified students.”  Was it former Director John Brennan who somehow stumbled upon Barry Soetoro, aka “Barack Hussein Obama,” and found him to be one of those “qualified students?”  Actually, that occurred prior to Brennan’s time as Director (March 2013 to January 2017, but be aware that Brennan also was an advisor in earlier years to “Obama” during the 2007-08 presidential campaign).  Regardless, it is a fact that someone in the CIA identified “Obama” as a possible Manchurian Candidate.  They hired him as an agent or operative and even sent him (a “qualified student?”) to Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow, Russia, for two years.  That is where “Obama” actually was instead of Columbia University in New York, where no one ever saw or remembers him!

Obama was a pot-smoking, sexually conflicted (homosexual?), Marxist and Communist-mentored PUNK, for lack of a better word!  WHAT WAS THE CIA THINKING!  Then again, nothing that our Central Intelligence Agency (or Federal Bureau of Investigation) does surprises me anymore!

All of this was done under the auspices of our U.S. Constitution, while Chief Justice John Roberts and his merry men and women associate justices, for life, looked the other way, pretended that American citizens didn’t have “standing,” and played politics instead of objectively and without partisanship interpreting the law.  Public corruption and interference and fraud in our general election process became the rule of the day.  For all practical purposes, the American public was deceived and the vote was taken out of their hands!  It was at that time that our country began experiencing a constitutional crisis and our society came under attack.  Racism resurfaced and political correctness replaced straight talk and honesty.

Permit me to quote from a modest but rather unique little book which I wrote.  It was published a year and one-half ago in February 2019 and titled, “The Sick Treasonous Truth Surrounding Barack Hussein Obama As Witnessed & Experienced By An Ordinary American Citizen:”  “I respectfully but firmly believe that this misconception/ruse (that Obama is African-American) underlies and has given rise to (intentionally?) a tremendous number of our country’s current problems.  Racism, extreme political correctness, hate groups, toxic tribalism, unlawful and violent public protests, vandalism of historical monuments, mass shootings, rich versus poor, civilians versus police, Democrats versus Republicans, believers in Islam versus Christians, illegal immigration, those who are the “swamp” in our federal government, rampant public corruption without accountability, etc, etc.”  To finish the thought, the ethnicity of “Obama” is 50% Caucasian, 6% Black, and 44% Arab.

In closing, I urge you to read the article (referenced below) regarding a book written by best-selling author Jack Cashill and just released (August 18, 2020).  The book is titled, “The Fight to Tell The Story of a Failed Presidency.”  In it, there is a rather amazing parallel to some of my writings about “Barack Hussein Obama,” for example:  “Obama” is “destroying a half-century of growing racial harmony in America through the malicious, cynical exploitation of tragic events like the death of Trayvon Martin.”  I have not read the actual book, but I do know that Jack Cashill has written several books on “Obama,” and, if I remember correctly, like me, he is aware that “Obama” was NOT a constitutionally-eligible president.

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  1. It was the job of the FBI and CIA to vet Barack Hussein Obama for the American people. Now that some of the truth about the corruption in these organization has come out thinking people should seriously question the eligibility of the fraud known as Barack Hussein Obama.

    Orly Taitz and a small group of us visited the FBI office in Nashville soon after the 2008 election. She presented evidence to the FBI Agent we met; which he took to share with others. Orly was told to contact him and he will fill her in on what they will do. Not surprisingly they told her they will not be investigating the situation.