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August 17, 2020

Image: geralt, Pixabay, License

Dear Editor,

It’s nice every so often to see an even-handed and rational contribution to atheism vs God’s existence/non-existence. After all, Albert Einstein, perhaps the Western world’s greatest-ever scientific thinker, made many references – with reverence! – to “God” and “The Creator”!

As a “Finals Series” Christian with spasmodic church attendances on Christmas Day and Good Friday (but I do watch a lot of replays!), I’m somewhat agnostic as to the existence of “God”; however, I am a believer in science and of Christ’s work and teaching of God’s word. In essence, I am probably as slightly mixed-up as most atheists not believing in God’s creation of the Universe but at a loss – as conceded by so many atheists! – as to how in God’s name the “Big Bang” occurred.

Yes, much to the delight of Jesus’s knockers, much evil has been done in Christ’s name, although never carried out nor condoned by Christ himself! Jesus’s life on Earth was one of love, healing and forgiveness! (However I can never forgive Carlton for the 1970 Grand Final!)

Not so many years ago, I saw on the back of a bus, “Atheism – celebrate reason,” to which my response is simply: “Atheism – no reason to celebrate!”


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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  1. Great small article. There’s no logic in atheism – it points to chaos theory which is also impossible because something (even chaos) must exist and pure chaos points to nothing which our human minds can’t grasp. But something IS here, created by intelligent design which I like to refer to as our LORD – maker of Heaven and earth. Before atheists tune out, HE put some proof for us in these last days called the book of truth, showing verse by verse come true mostly in daniel11truth which proves HE and the bible is true. This is a great gift for atheists – agnostics – heathen – whomever if curious. Why would HE do this? “So HIS house will be full.”