August 14, 2020

Dear Editor,

With the massive help of democracy’s greatest protector – The United States of America  – the free world has seen out Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Idi Amin, Milosavitch, Tojo, Mussolini, Hitler and Saddam Hussein.

Yet today’s “ Left” said: “Talk to Iran and Syria over Iraq”! Did the 1930’s“Left” talk to Franco (and the Germans) over Spain?

The South Koreans, former East Germans and Taiwanese all have democracy, affluence and liberty, owing to the great sacrifice of  lives of young American (35,000 in Korea alone!), British, Australian, Canadian, and other Allied troops, along with the protection of being “Under the American umbrella.”

An American destroyer delivered Yasser Arafat to safety, out of US ally Israel’s hands and the “final death blow.“  To show thanks, Islamic extremists, in later years, attacked the USS Cole, killing 17 young Americans!

In Bosnia, Christian America risked the lives and safety of her young fighter air crew (and her most advanced technology) fighting other Christians to save Moslems.

Like it or not, Ronald Reagan sufficiently intimidated the Soviets so that they decided to become (even corrupter!) capitalists to feed their people, not to mention the – Russian-backed – Berlin Wall falling!

Young people, I ask of you: “Why did the Berlin Wall need to come down?”

Had America and the free world eliminated Hitler early and had trouble settling Germany down, would America have had to confer with Tojo and Mussolini regarding the Marshall Plan?

What became of the defeated WW11 “Axis Powers”? Were they enslaved, murdered, impoverished, humiliated, and raped, as they were by the Soviets?  No, they were not!

And, has history already forgotten the Berlin Airlift?

Germany, Japan and Italy became liberated democracies, enjoying the highest standards of living and freedom! God Bless America!

Who do you think provided satellite surveillance of Indonesian forces and “hinted” it wise to keep them in barracks when Australia led East Timor’s liberation ?

Vietnam?  After meeting (and conversing “one-on-one” with) the “Napalm Girl,” Kim Phuc Thi, who defected from – never to return to – Vietnam, to the West in North America, I believe Vietnam was a “just war; just fought the wrong way.”  Vietnamese freedom and the sacrifice of 54,000 young Americans and 521 young Australians was undermined by freedom’s enemies – such as the traitorous Jane Fonda – in the West as, is happening today with Iraq. Young people, another question: “Why are/were the Iraqis any less entitled to democracy, freedom and affluence than South Koreans, former East Germans or Taiwanese?”

By the way, when asked why she (and her former North Vietnamese soldier hubby) defected  to the West, the Napalm Girl replied, “ To give our family the best chance in life possible.”

Sure, the Yanks make mistakes.  However, the Western world has enjoyed over 75 years of delivery from oppression by America.  It now needs and wants even more American protection, yet does not want to protect America.



Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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