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by Don Fredrick, The Complete Obama Timeline, ©2020

Photo: Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia Commons, CC by SA 2.0

(Aug. 3, 2020) — It is now August 3 and Joe Biden—or his team of advisors—has yet to select a vice-presidential candidate for the Democrat ticket. In a typical presidential election year minimal attention is paid to the running mate, except by media pundits seeking a justification for another story to submit to their editors. This election year is different, however, because almost everyone assumes Biden would serve only one term as president if elected— and very possibly might not even be able to complete one term. With the delay in completing the ticket (had the Wuhan virus not infested the country the Democrat convention would already have ended), more focus is being placed on the inordinately long list of VP candidates. The “women-of-a-least-1,024ths-color” on the list, jockeying to boost their chances of being chosen, are participating in more public speaking engagements than usual and are appearing on Sunday news programs to “improve their visibility.” (Across the nation, viewers are no doubt asking, “Who the h*** is Karen Bass?”) Behind the scenes, several of the women on Biden’s not-so-short short list have even been trying to sabotage their competitors. (I can only imagine the scene if all of them happened to show up at an event wearing the same outfit.) This should not be surprising, as most people who enter politics are power-hungry egomaniacs who all believe they deserve the Oval Office. (As evidence, refer to the 20+ meritless candidates who competed against the meritless Biden for the nomination.)

One could be forgiven for thinking that after Biden announces his running mate the Democrats will all wish her well and campaign hard for the ticket. That will not be the case, however. If you are one of the women not chosen by Geriatric Joe you will not only be sorely disappointed, you will realize that your own dreams of sleeping on the second floor of the White House will have been postponed for a very long time, if not completely shattered. Let us assume, for example, that Biden decides against selecting alleged front-runner Kamala Harris and picks Congresswoman Val Demings to join him on the November 3 ticket. Consider the scenarios:

If Biden defeats Trump and announces in 2023 (or earlier) that he will not seek reelection, Demings becomes the presumptive front-runner for the Democrat Party’s 2024 presidential nomination. If the Biden-Demings administration is not a complete failure (despite failure being likely), Harris and all the other Democrats would have a difficult time wresting the nomination from Demings.

If Biden defeats Trump and is unable to complete his first term because of health reasons (either physical or mental), Demings becomes president and would have an even greater likelihood of becoming the party’s nominee in 2024.

If Biden loses to Trump, Demings will be associated with a loser and will have a diminished chance of getting the 2024 nomination for president.

In either of the first two scenarios, Harris would be unlikely to become the Democrat presidential nominee in 2024—and even perhaps in 2028. Would Harris want to wait until 2032 to run again for the highest political office? Harris would then be 68 years old (which even Willie Brown might consider too old). Elizabeth Warren would be 83 in 2032. Stacey Abrams would be only 59 (albeit possibly in a diabetic coma). Ruth Bader Ginsburg would be a spry 99.

In the third scenario, with Trump winning reelection, the 2024 Democrat nomination would be up for grabs. Harris could run again and possibly win that nomination. (The Republican nomination would also be up for grabs. Mike Pence would not be a shoe-in.)

Considering these possibilities, Harris is trying as hard as she can to be selected by Biden to be his running mate. She knows that is her best shot at becoming president because she suspects (like many others) that Biden will not serve a full four years. She would be elevated to the presidency when he resigns (voluntarily or not, consciously or not), and would run for reelection in 2024.

Source: Val Demings official website

If Biden selects Demings (or anyone else other than Harris), why wouldn’t Harris hope for Trump to win reelection? That, after all, would make her path to the 2024 nomination easier. Unless Harris is an economic idiot (which might be the case), she must realize that the monumental increase in the national debt caused by the absurd reaction to the Wuhan virus will eventually result in massive price inflation. That debt must be covered by an increase in the money supply. That naturally causes price inflation. Will that take place in 2021? 2022? 2023? No one can know for certain, but it will most assuredly occur. If Trump wins reelection, the Democrats will most assuredly blame Trump for that inflation and have a good shot at winning the White House in the 2024 election. If you were Kamala Harris, who would you want to get the blame for milk costing $12 per gallon, Trump or Biden?

If Biden picks someone other than Demings as his running mate, the above scenarios will differ only in name. Personally, I would like to see as much disruption in 2020 as possible. That would occur if Biden picks Karen Bass. (“Tell us, Congresswoman, why you have been such a fan of Fidel Castro and communism?”) Or Tammy Duckworth. (“Tell us, Senator, how you can be considered a natural born citizen of the United States if you were born in Thailand to a Thai mother?”) Or Kamala Harris. (“Tell us, Senator, how an ‘anchor baby’ can be considered a natural born citizen?”)

Pass the popcorn.

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