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by James M. Hoover, CACM, Captain, USAF (Ret) and Richard Sinda, ©2020

felipeblasco, Pixabay, License

(Jul. 31, 2020) — A 2-8% win for President Trump on election night will likely be reversed by the counting of mail-in ballots in the following week(s) after election day. The Democrats have already hired 600 lawyers to contest the election if they don’t win and are already sowing discord and lies about how the Republicans will presumptively cheat. The Devil is called the great slanderer and accuses God’s people night and day. Is it a surprise that the Devil’s people act like him?

In 2018 in Orange County, California, five Republican congressmen were comfortably ahead in the vote tallies late on election day. The powers that be kept counting never-ending Democrat ballots for the next week; all five Republicans lost by having the election stolen from them by “mail-in ballots” and vote harvesting. That was in a county that has been solidly Republican for decades and just one example of many. There were credible reports of precincts in key states having 110% to 130% of registered voters having voted and just by “coincidence” Obama “won” those precincts and state(s).  Mr. Coleman in Minnesota won the Senate race until many duffel-bags-full of Democrat ballots kept on arriving at the precincts and were counted until Al Franken, the Democrat, was declared the winner.

Vote in person and encourage your friends who are voting to do in-person voting. Our nation, if it is to remain a nation, can’t afford to not vote this fall; freedom in America really does hang in the balance this year.

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  1. Vote by mail is the fraud democommiecrats need to steal the election and subjugate We the People for generations. There is nothing “democratic” about the democrat party, they are communist/socialist/fascist tyrants seeking total control over the nation so they can be modern day Hitlers!!!!!