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by Bob Russell, ©2020

Photo: Free-Photos, Pixabay, Free Use

(Jul. 31, 2020) — Police officers are being systemically demonized by people who hate anyone allied with law and order and liberty.  It is particularly bad when elected politicians spout hatred against people who are paid so little to protect and defend We the People, including those who irrationally hate them.  This nation is in serious danger of being turned into a huge concentration camp á la Nazi Germany by people elected by voters and who swear to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution.  Every democrat at the federal level and many at the state, county, and city levels are not only violating a solemn oath they swore before Almighty God but are also committing treason against their own people.  Scum like pelosi, schumer, etc. are traitors working for satan and satan’s plan for us is not a good one.

I don’t know how much of the democrat party is hate and how much is pure evil aside from their hatred of liberty for We the People.  Part of their evil tactics is to promote every bit of evil that shows its face.  The blm and antifa punks are not only getting away with treason, sedition, and other crimes but are being encouraged and supported by people who desperately want to seize control of the government so they can enslave all of us, including the fools helping move the nation to tyranny under the false claim of seeking “social justice.”  If the “wokes” wanted social justice they wouldn’t be rioting, looting, burning, and killing, but we all know their goal is to disrupt society and help establish the New World Order that Nazi war criminal george soros has put so much money into.  Soros is funding dozens of groups dedicated to the destruction of our Representative Republic, financing every evil he can find or create.

As if it isn’t bad enough having elected people against them, police officers also have the entire propaganda arm of the democrat party, the Goebbels media apparatus, constantly playing up the actions of a very few police officers into a smear of all of them.  I find it rather disingenuous that moslems can kill thousands of people for the flimsiest of reasons and the media and democrat politicians say, “You can’t judge all moslems by the actions of a very small minority of ‘radicals,'” but let one police officer kill a career black criminal and every cop in the nation is a “racist looking for an excuse to kill an ‘innocent’ black man just because he is black.”  Both statements are lies and the media knows it but they say whatever fits their evil agenda of treason, sedition, and the destruction of the nation.  The ineligible, illegally-elected barak obama did everything he could to push the narrative that all white people are “racists” just by having “white skin.”  I am not white, my skin is beige, but I am a “racist” because I’m not a lying, treasonous liberal?

I have run into a few police officers in my 70 years who shouldn’t have been in the job but only a few.  In my 32-year career with Southwestern Bell Telephone I had many encounters with police, some after natural disasters while cleaning up the mess and getting phone lines restored, and other times after motor vehicle accidents that resulted in damage to company property.  In my many contacts I found nearly every officer to be very dedicated to his/her job, taking the responsibility entrusted to him/her very seriously.  No matter how one groups people, whether by ethnicity, faith, age, gender, career field, etc., there are always a few bad apples.  Human nature  is human nature and there will always be evil lurking in someone in every possible demographic group.

It seems to me that most of the human nature that is evil resides in the left.  Their hate is openly on display at all times as they project their evil deeds and attitudes on those of us who seek to preserve the God-given liberty our founders enshrined in the Constitution and millions of us have fought to establish and preserve.  Liberty hasn’t come cheap and once lost will be very hard to get back, if it is even possible to restore.  Many nations have seen liberty restored after having been lost but they had the United States of America to help them in the restoration.  The USA has been a bastion of freedom for 244 years and if we lose it there is no one to help us so it is up to We the People to stand up and prevent the satanic leftists from destroying the nation.  I support our police officers completely.  They have a very difficult and stressful job that doesn’t get nearly enough gratitude nor near enough pay.  They go out every day knowing they could be injured or killed without any chance to defend themselves.

I recently saw an article on The Blacksphere site that gave a slew of statistics that prove the claims of the left are a lie and that police officers are killed by black criminals much more often than criminals are killed by police and the numbers of black lives taken by murder by other blacks.  Isn’t it interesting how the lives of black criminals taken by police are a big deal but the children killed in black-on-black violence and the hundreds of thousands of black babies aborted every year don’t carry the same outrage?  The hateful, satanic left is very selective in its “outrage” over black deaths.  I would have a much different outlook if blm and antifa were protesting against the statistics Kevin Jackson brought out on his website but they are only interested in tearing the nation apart for what they mistakenly believe will be of benefit to themselves.  Once the useful idiots are no longer needed they will be cast aside and/or murdered by the soros/satan cabal of tyranny.  Useful idiots, once they have completed their dirty deeds, become a liability and must be eliminated as Adolph Hitler murdered the SA (Brown Shirts) once they had gotten him the control of Germany he wanted.  Every despot in history has soon killed those who put them in power because they become a threat, and this current batch of useful idiots won’t be treated any better.  If soros ever needs more useful idiots he will just buy new ones and use the media and politicians he owns to stir them up to do his dirty work.

All Christian people should pray for our law enforcement people daily, for their safety, their happiness, and their peace of mind; they deserve our support and prayers.  If the satanic left ever manages to eliminate police We the People will be sitting ducks for predators.  Police are already spread too thin but without any it will be up to every person to defend him/herself from attacks by merciless violent thugs full of satan.  I am old and disabled so even though I have very good military training and experience it was 50 years ago and I don’t currently have full use of my body to fight with.  My left arm is totally paralyzed and my left leg barely works so I am at quite a disadvantage without factoring my advanced age into the situation.  I urge everyone to pray for the police and their families and for our nation to overcome these attacks from satan and his agents.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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