by Bob Russell, ©2020

(Jul. 29, 2020) — Leftist morons like to call President Trump and his supporters Nazis and Fascists but by doing so show BOTH their ignorance and stupidity.  For any who don’t know, ignorance and stupidity are different mental states.  Ignorance is a lack of knowledge while stupidity is the lack of ability and/or the unwillingness to learn.  An ignorant person can be educated.  I am ignorant of the laws of physics but capable of being educated in the science.

The official name of the Nazi Party was The National Socialist Workers Party, and its members often referred to themselves as “Fascists” because they wanted to be distinct from the Communists, though both groups employed the same tyrannical mindset and tactics.  The antifa and blm thugs are the ones using Nazi and Fascist methods while calling themselves socialists, as if that was some sort of honorable status to be revered, saying, “Give us our way or we will burn your cities down.”  If we give them their way they will burn the entire country down and leave We the People at the mercy of their tyranny, tyranny that is paid for by Nazi war criminal george soros and controlled by satan.

Sadly, the deep state, including the entire democrat party, most of the republican party, the lamestream media, hollywood, cowardly corporate CEOs, and ignorant/stupid citizens are on board because they see this as some sort of movement for “social justice” when the truth is that the death of a black career criminal at the hands of one police officer is merely the excuse they hide behind.  I just saw some statistics that expose the idea of “social justice” for the lie that it is at an internet site called “The Blacksphere,” which is owned and operated by a black man named Kevin Jackson.  Kevin Jackson cannot possibly be hiding behind “white privilege” and has no racial reason to lie about statistics that show the “social justice” con for the lie that it is.  The blm and antifa “organizers” have publicly stated, and even bragged, that they are trained marxists intent on destroying America and establishing a marxist/communist state instead of the democratic representative republic it was established to be and that President Trump and his supporters are trying to return it to being.

For all we hear from the left about conservatives being “haters,” where is the hatred and violence coming from?  Has anyone seen patriots out vandalizing, burning, looting, and killing people in the name of some fictional “cause”?  I didn’t think so; we conservatives are too busy working to support families and trying to keep the economy going while the leftists are raking in their welfare payments and money from soros and spending their time tearing the nation down.  Our founders would be extremely disgusted with the “wokes” because “wokes” are nothing but brain-dead zombies trying to destroy everything the founders fought to establish and that millions have fought to preserve in the last 2½ centuries.  Leftists are ignorant of the truth and stupid, either unable or unwilling to learn the truth.  They are being used as the useful idiots of satan, soros, the political ruling class and media users.

I pray daily that Almighty God will soften the hearts and open the eyes of the left’s useful idiots before it is too late to salvage liberty, because once it is gone the “wokes” won’t be able to put things right.  Satan, soros, and their political and media minions will have their useful idiots either killed or locked away in the FEMA camps with any patriots who survived the war waged on them by tyrants and the “wokes.”

Joe biden doesn’t have the mental capacity to be president. If the left can fraud his way into office, someone else, probably handpicked by george soros, will be the one truly running things, with biden being merely the puppet for people to look at.  Nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, and the rest of the corrupt democrats will quickly finish the destruction fuhrer obama was working on and that they counted on hillary completing until Donald Trump and We the People defeated that evil, corrupt minion of satan.  The corruption of the democrat party can’t be stopped by “cutting off the head of the snake” because there are so many just as evil and corrupt as clinton, pelosi, schumer, adam pile of schiff, etc. just waiting for their chance to fill the shoes at the top of the pile of schiff that the democrat party is.  My parents were lifelong democrats until John F. Kennedy was assassinated.  They saw how racist, evil, and corrupt lyndon johnson was and never voted for a democrat again.  Dad died in October 2006 and Mom in June 2011 so they had many opportunities to vote against the corruption they saw in the democrat party.

I submit this in the name of The Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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  1. Email sent to White House and DOJ today:

    SETTING LIMITS 2020 – Part 2 Apple Pie America is only a PRISON to the INGRATE INMATE

    Gratefully love America, or ungratefully leave America…don’t remain here as a violent INGRATE INMATE, wherein, the apple pie America that millions of us love is somehow your own personal PRISON!
    Since our un-consented lawless government is standing-down to assist Pelosi’s Democriminal power grab until November election, we BABY BOOMERS have got to SET LIMITS on our YOUNG-UNS, those being, the un-hinged un-grateful un-American INGRATE INMATES following communist un-Constitutional UN propaganda and Black Lives Matter DOGMA.

    As a licensed civil engineer (PE) since 1978, I must hold public safety of paramount importance, or lose my license to practice. Similarly, public safety must be of paramount importance on America’s public ways, lest we allow fatal accidents on politically-hijacked highways. If Democriminal mayors are going to willfully allow private “BLACK LIVES MATTER” pavement markings and muslims to pray-prey on public ways et al, they should be removed from office for subordinating paramount public safety to municipal malfeasance.