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by Sharon Rondeau

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (official website)

(Jul. 28, 2020) — At approximately 2:30 p.m. EDT during the House Judiciary Committee’s hearing pertaining to its oversight of the Justice Department, Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA7) angrily declared during her time to question witness Attorney General William Barr, “I’m starting to lose my temper.”

As with most Democrats on the committee during the hours-long hearing, Jayapal did not allow Barr to fully respond to her questions. While he was attempting to respond to a subsequent question, she snapped, “This is my time and I control it.”

Jayapal’s district includes Seattle, where on June 8 “protesters” took over six blocks of the “Capitol Hill” district of the city, banned police officers, reportedly threatened residents and ultimately killed two black teenagers before Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan declared the area an unlawful assembly.

According to President Trump, Durkan acted because federal law-enforcement officers were about to be sent to the area to evict the organizers and restore Capitol Hill to Seattle proper.

Jayapal is serving her second term in Congress and is Vice Chair of the Immigration Subcommittee and Co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.  According to her bio, “She is the first South Asian American woman elected to the U.S. House of Representatives and one of only 14 naturalized citizens currently serving in the United States Congress.”


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  1. It was the rudest hearing I have ever seen. The Chairman Jerry Nadler went so far as to say that Jim Jordan (R) was being “rude”. Nadler was obviously projecting. Nadler had a car accident earlier and the hearing started late. At one point in the hearing Nadler said “No” to a request for a five minute break made by AGUS Barr.

    A new tactic was brought out and exhibited by the Democrats at the hearing. The “I reclaim my time” tactic.. After the Democrats barraging the Attorney General with vile and unsupported statements and “Yes or NO” rigged questions, Barr was not permitted to answer or explain his stance.

    When he started to answer the Dems would say “I reclaim my time”.

    Each of the member had FIVE minutes to question AG Barr. The Dems however got more then five minutes by “reclaiming their time”. They knew that their long winded multiple questions could not be answered properly by anyone in the time allotted so they made rash unfounded accusations with “Isn’t it true” and “yes or no” demands.

    What kind of hearing does not allow witnesses to respond? Not any hearing that operates under due process. The Democrats on the Judiciary Committee did not want to hear from AG Barr. They wanted to lambaste Barr in front of the camera.

    The hearing was bizarre. If the Republicans did not “let him speak”, a demand that Jim Jordan (R) made to Nadler, Barr would have not been able to defend his positions. Democrats used all (5) minutes bloviating about things they have no proof of. One representative with a (D) went so far as to accuse Barr of Murder.

    When Republican Jordan objected to not letting Barr speak, Nadler said “Your request is irrelevant, not a point of order” and called Jordan “Rude”. I say let this be a warning to anyone who wants to vote for Joe Biden for President. More of the same will be coming. Kangaroo courts and hearings devoid of any decorum or due process.

    Nadler even went so far as to deny that riots are actually happening. Nadler claimed that they are a “Myth”. Nadler and his Democratic cronies behaved rudely. They behavior was despicable,atrocious and biased. “The Democrats spent the whole day yelling at [Barr]” said Kelly Armstrong (R-ND).

    I believe that the gross disrespect that was shown to U.S. Attorney General Barr by the Democrats warrants censure. It was a disgusting display of the most vicious,iniquitous, dishonorable,malicious,unprincipled,highly offensive, objectionable,repulsive to the senses behavior that I have had the unpleasant experience to witness since the bogus impeachment hearings against President Trump occurred under the auspices of the same anti-American cabal, the morphed Democratic [Socialist/Communist] Party.