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by Bob Russell, ©2020

Photo: Wokandapix at Pixabay, Free Use

(Jul. 24, 2020) — Democrat presidential candidate joe biden told a group of moslems that “more should be taught about Islam in our public schools.”  It comes as no surprise to me that joe bite me is more than willing to violate the Constitution once again if it means he can seize control of the Oval Office, even to the point of selling what is left of his soul for temporary power over We the People.  After democrats making such a big deal out of keeping Christianity out of the public forum they show the true evil in them by pushing the satanic cult of rape, torture, and murder onto our children.  It shows what they truly think of the “separation of church and state.”  I have no doubt that when Christians sue, the “supreme” court will side with the satanists.

The goal is to get every moslem in the country, eligible or not, to vote for democrats exclusively as blacks (98% votes for democrats) have for the last 60 years, and if he does manage to steal the election biden will infest the nation with more vermin to ensure he continues to destroy America until the destruction is complete.  The down-side they don’t see is that black Christians will see the duplicity and hypocrisy and may very well turn on their former “benefactors,” and once moslems get enough of their kind in they will eradicate many of the democrats.

One black woman is running for congress as a republican because she doesn’t like how blacks are being used by democrats, and former nba star Charles Barkley is calling out liberals for their hypocrisy.  It is encouraging to see blacks who are no longer afraid of the stereotype of blacks accepting the democrat/liberal diatribe and standing up for truth and justice.  Barkley correctly stated that blacks constantly insulting whites isn’t helping their cause.  One of the many irrational reasons liberals hate President Trump is that he is actually helping blacks and providing the jobs they need to become successful.  Trump has done more for blacks than any president since Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation and has already done so much more than barak obama did in his eight years of ineligible usurpation.  The only thing obama did was reinforce the idea that blacks can’t survive off the democrat welfare plantation, that they “need” democrat welfare to survive, even on the barest of subsistence levels.

President Trump has created the most opportunities for advancement economically than all others combined and liberals hate him immensely because he is undermining their fiefdom.  Many blacks, especially the 1% in the political ruling class; the propagandist media fools; and the hollyweird set can’t stand the idea of blacks discovering how they are being used by the democrat party and bolting from the plantation, thereby diluting democrats’ power structure.  Denzel Washington also recently spoke out against liberalism, much to the displeasure of the satanic left.  Some are waking up and seeing the light of truth but most elitist blacks continue to use their wealth and fame to subjugate the majority of black citizens.

I believe biden is courting moslems so heavily to replace blacks who see the lies of the democrat party and will likely jump ship.  If enough abandon the democrat dialogue of dependency on government, the democrat party will be in real trouble.  I believe this is part of the reason the left is so intent on stealing the coming election.  If they get away with this latest, or any, coup against Trump, We the People will never see an election other than what we now see in dictatorships around the world, where the ruling despot wins with 98% of the votes cast.

Dallas, Texas police chief Renée Hall, a black woman, had her officers arrest 647 blm and antifa people last month after they illegally blocked a bridge to “protest racism.”  Kudos to her for standing up for justice in the face of anarchy.  Chief Hall stated that “although many will not be happy” about her actions, her responsibility was “to uphold the law, not make people happy.”  The “woke” crowd will definitely not like it but she did the right thing and I applaud her for upholding her oath of office.  Apparently she isn’t a democrat because democrats allow the “protests,” regardless of how violently participants behave, how many buildings they burn, how much they steal, and how many people they murder to get their way.  Texas is like Oklahoma; that kind of lawlessness isn’t tolerated.

A huge factor in all this is the lack of quality education.  Since Mr. Peanut, jimmy carter, established the “department of Education” in 1976, schools have been turned into marxist indoctrination centers where our kids are no longer taught history or anything closely resembling history but rather, are filled with mush about “feelings.”  The federal government, dominated by leftists, now controls everything about schools, from Pre-K to graduate college degrees.  Law students are not even exposed to the Constitution, much less educated on it.  All any of our students get today is marxist ideas and what the government “owes” them.  Is it any wonder youth grow up with no respect for anything when they aren’t taught the values this nation has stood on for more than 240 years and cannot be exposed to principles of Christian living?  The federal government has no authority to be involved in education according to the Constitution but decades of democrat-party control have rendered the Constitution as irrelevant as the Bible in the public forum.   What the deep state is looking for are compliant robots who will do as they are told and not question anything they are told by their global masters.

The deep state has and will continue to pull out all the stops and stoop to any act of treason to depose President Trump so it can implement the New World Order global dictatorship.  I know from regularly reading the Bible that it must happen eventually but I had no idea the people elected to govern America would sell their souls to satan to gain the wealth and power they lust after.  The worst part of it is that democrats are getting lots of help from the gop establishment.  They still pay We the People lip service but don’t represent our interests at all.  McConnell and his cohorts are almost as evil as the democrats but are much sneakier.  While democrat deep-staters stab us in the chest the gop stabs us in the back.  What this nation needs is repentance and for Christian values once again taking a prominent role in our society.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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