by Tom Arnold, ©2020

Screenshot: Juan Williams, Fox News, “The Five,” June 13, 2019

(Jul. 24, 2020) — Juan Williams-  I’ve always thought that you were a pretty sincere liberal gentleman and a person who could intelligently interact, and make some points, with your mostly conservative colleagues on “The Five.”

Then, on July 23rd I turned on the television, and the first thing I see and hear is you saying that our country needs a “real honest debate.”

So, Mr. Williams, exactly who do you think might be the “real honest” debaters?  Are you thinking that they would be the racist BLM, ANTIFA, and/or other rioters and anarchists pretending to protest the killing of George Floyd and other blacks at the hands of police?  Or Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and other hopelessly partisan individuals.

Come on, Juan, these people are NOT “honest,” and they certainly are not capable of participating in a constructive or “real honest” debate!

I ask you, Juan, DEBATE ABOUT WHAT!  That slavery was wrong?  That police and other law enforcement authorities are racist?  That America does not have, or want to have, a diverse citizenry and society?  That “reparations,” God forbid, should be made (for what, may I ask, that have not already been addressed and resolved)?

One last time, Juan, I am going to tell you that our current constitutional and societal crisis began in 2007-08 (if not earlier).  That was when our presidency and command of our armed forces was STOLEN by a constitutionally ineligible impostor, “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.”  I suppose that you, Juan Williams, “know better” than the language of our founding fathers in our U.S. Constitution?  Must I remind you that it says that only NATURAL BORN AMERICAN CITIZENS (Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5) are qualified to be president and commander-in-chief of our armed forces?

SO MUCH FOR ANY “REAL HONEST DEBATE.”  Our constitution is our constitution, and this extraordinary one-of-a-kind document has been adhered to and honored for nearly two and one-half centuries.


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  1. Juan, the descent caring people that watch Fox DO NOT LIKE YOU and your peers have NO respect for you. So make us all happy and LEAVE Fox and go to work for CNN that probably would actually like you because they are just as ignorate as you are.

  2. Yawn Juan,

    America 1620- 2020: from whips to welfare, from field slavery to the vengeful BLACK MALE BLACKMAIL mind slavery of “reparation$ today for paid-in-blood atonement yesterday”.

    Stated differently:

    America 1620-2020: 400 years for blacks to languish in anguish from Civil War to Civil Rights to today’s Civil Disobedience. There is no need for any more black “conversation” because “$y$temic raci$m” is just today’s Theft Left hoax-phrase for “natural racism”, which can never be legislated away, since “systemic racism” is as natural as gravity and jealousy and shadows on a sunny day! STOP yesterday’s black male blackmail MIND SLAVERY “conversation”, START today’s BLACK FAMILY UNITY “conversion” with a Black Fathers Matter movement et al!

    In summary, Juan,

    BlackLivesMatter = the kind CIVIL side of the BLM-coin
    BlackLivesMurder = the deadly EVIL side of the same BLM-coin