by Fredy Lowe, ©2020

(Jul. 21, 2020) — Blocking out all the violent noise around us has become an extremely difficult task, especially as more and more of us are taking notice and have come to realize the acceptance and justification for all this irrational lawlessness by the uber-liberal-Democratic state governors and big-city mayors.

But, try we must to take a step back by first acknowledging the fact that there is no randomness to the insanities of our present-day lives and also to come to terms with knowing that it has all been planned and choreographed according to a strategic timeline with their manipulative responses to the Wuhan coronavirus, the quarantines, lockdowns, financial destruction of Trump’s MAGA economy, Black Lives Matter, (BLM), Antifa, Organizing For Action, (OFA)— all to abuse the death of George Floyd — the continuous race riots, for maximum media coverage — the cancel culture of destroying the statues to rewrite our history — the senseless killing of other human beings, even children — defunding the police — all as being collective, well-financed and coordinated events which have been in the planning stage to be rolled out at this exact moment in time.

What we see is the Democratic cabal in a state of total panic

The Democratic cabal simply waited for the right white cop vs. black victim circumstance in order to manufacture a ready-made crisis that would ignite their divisive fires of hate and fear. And the speed at which the Minneapolis fires engulfed all things, including the cultural collapse in the immediate wake of the flawlessly-filmed death of a black man named George Floyd, and how quickly the four white cops were arrested and charged, makes it undeniable that this was a manufactured crisis-in-waiting only for the aforementioned perfect catalyst.

But, in our pause to look through and beyond all the noise, we must try to consider only the end results of the Democrats’ insane policies that have been created by the twisted logic of these political sociopaths, and then we must ask ourselves, what is it that we see?

What we see is the Democratic cabal in a state of total panic. They know well that their party is in serious jeopardy of losing power—in the House, Senate, Supreme Court and the Presidency—and, in a last-ditch act of desperation, they have joined forces with the Marxists BLM, OFA and Antifa, who are fighting to the bitter end. The Cabal is terrified of Donald Trump being re-elected.

Please note that Organizing For Action (OFA) is Barack Obama’s civilian army with over 25,000 community organizers working nationwide and, if not for OFA and Obama’s total support, there would not have been a BLM, nor would there be an Antifa. Presumptive Democrat candidate for President Joe Biden, in what can only be viewed as contributing to the madness, recently told us that, “The police are the enemy.”

Facts on the ground prove that there is a repetitive cycle of pre-planned events being employed on duplicitous municipalities where “peaceful protesters” are granted a permit to gather and march, giving the Democratic mayors plausible deniability. But, by design, the “peaceful” portion plays out within an hour or so, while converged among the protesters are the highly-paid, hardcore BLM agitators and riot instigators who break a few storefront windows, start the initial fires, and move on.  Later, these same BLM provocateurs pay the most aggressive marauders for doing the most damage.

Art of War

In the Art of War, the legendary—general, military strategist, writer and philosopher—Sun Tzu revealed to us, “When you know your enemy, and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles…” The ugly truth is that we now know for certain that Black Lives Matter (BLM) is not the civil rights movement the complicit media would have us believe. BLM leaders have told us that they are trained Marxists. Believe them and treat them as such. Marxist movements exert fear as their greatest weapon. Black Lives Matter cares little for the plight of black people and is essentially a terrorist organization with the sole purpose of generating fear in the minds of the people.  And yet, Democratic governors and mayors, instead of arresting them for insurrection, have allowed them to lawlessly run wild in a continuous effort to promote that fear, while a number of foolish corporations contribute, in fear, millions of dollars to BLM and other subversive organizations with the false hope that they will not be seen as racists and support them in fear of being attacked.

Be not afraid, as we become more aware of their objectives, and be mindful of the military terms; the closer you get to your target, the more intense the chaos will become. Preparation and planning for your own safety have become paramount. And, yes, we know for certain the violence will increase dramatically leading up to the November 3rd election. But, Sun Tzu again told us, “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity” and that, “Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”

Writers like me, with a law enforcement background and experiences working in the South Bronx when it was truly on fire, are in constant search for those opportunities by learning to think outside of the box and would like to share their suspicions with you so that you might stay safe, alert and take the necessary precautions if/when the time comes. When insurgents are willing to kill armed police officers or open fire at random people at a bus stop or in retail stores, what will they do next? It is my belief as the BLM and other anarchists escalate the violence and killings into suburban areas, the next phase of attacks might be to provoke fear and disruption of travel, as Americans traverse our interstate highway system.

What can you do?

Although these might be extremely rare occurrences, foreknowledge can be your friend. There are two methods that I envision for creating chaos on isolated sections of our interstate highways. The first is by using a number of cars/vans to stop the flow of traffic in remote areas, getting out and randomly shooting at unsuspecting families in their cars. The second is to stockpile bricks/stones near secluded overpasses to be thrown down on passing motorists.

What can you do? To avoid becoming one of their unprepared victims you must obviously become more alert and more of a defensive driver. For example if, for any reason, the highway in front of you slows down or stops, move to the inside (fast) lane in preparation for making a U-turn onto the left shoulder. If/when you observe people up ahead getting out of their vehicles, immediately make the U-turn with flashers/blinking lights, and proceed quickly to the nearest crossover to get away from the area in the opposite direction.

Also, bricks or projectiles being thrown at your vehicle require extreme caution and observation, especially at night. While in a remote area of the highway, look up at the overpass while being aware of the other vehicles around you as you approach it, just in case you have to make a quick lane change. If you even “think” that there may be trouble at an upcoming overpass, move quickly into another lane of traffic.

In either of these cases, get off the highway at the first exit or rest area and only after you are in a safe position, call 911 and explain what you observed and why you took the necessary precautions.


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  1. yes, this is all staged and the devildemocommiecrats are going to see it backfire as most people can see what is going on. The sad thing is that those being used as useful idiots won’t see until it is too late for them and people start shooting back. There are a lot of us veterans out here who won’t be intimidated and are ready for them. I am old and disabled but still ready to fight for liberty. If I die doing so, oh well, I will do my best and won’t go alone.