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by Contributor

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(Jul. 20, 2020) — Summer is in full swing, but with the coronavirus spreading just as quickly, it’s making many people contemplate what they should do about their summer vacation plans, or if they should do anything at all.

The question is, will conditions get better or worse by summertime? Most families have already purchased airline tickets and paid for accommodations, so the fact that all their plans could potentially be going down the drain is quite saddening.

Your decision to travel will be dependent upon a variety of factors, whether it be the ages of everyone traveling, personal health conditions of each traveler, and the reason for your summer travels in the first place… The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority announced that people should be traveling for essential travel only… That’s completely understandable for public safety, but even with all those factors taken into consideration, that’s still no reason to throw your summer plans in the trash.

The thing you will need to do about your summer plans is to start thinking about them in more of a strategic way.

Should You Fly or Look at Alternative Options?

According to the CDC, they’re recommending that travelers who are at high-risk should avoid air travel that’s not essential. This recommendation is for the older aged demographic and people with chronic or pre-existing conditions.

Lots of airlines have canceled flights due to the virus as well, and with all the flight cancellations, it has been circled around that airplanes carry the highest risk of contracting the virus. The CDC spoke and gave a little insight on that theory stating that it’s not the idea that planes make you more susceptible to germs but air travel simply puts you around more people and that’s what puts you at a higher risk.

But the CDC did confirm that cruise ships are probably the mode of transportation that puts you at the highest risk and suggests travelers avoid any sea travel. The best alternative option for enjoying your summer travels, despite canceled flights and “tainted” cruise ships, is to look at the option of renting a mini bus.

People tend to forget about charter bus options but since air travel is frowned upon and gas prices are dropping, people are taking to the road. Maybe you were planning a family trip but your flight got canceled. You still have the option of going on your long-anticipated trip but you’ll actually get to ride in comfort versus being cramped on a flight.

Where Should You Go?

The next question that will be on everyone’s mind is where to go. So you’ve made the decision to move forward with your trip and you have a large enough group to rent a minibus, so now the question is, where should you go.

With mini buses, you want to think of drivable locations. Maybe you want to go to Universal Studios in California or to the Grand Ole Opry in Tennessee… You have the ability to ride in comfort to several big cities and still have the time of your life. You just need to do your research on different locations and attractions and see how far they are. Yes, you may not get to your travel destination as fast as a plane would get you there but you can rest assured in knowing you will get there safely.

Some people are looking at secluded areas instead of the usually overcrowded areas like amusement parks… they’re looking at cabins by the lake and boutique hotels that are off the beaten path. While it’s fine to frequent those locations, it’s also important to consider its proximity to medical care, in the event you or another traveler gets sick… it’s all about preparedness and doing your fair share of research.

How to Enjoy Life During the Pandemic

The coronavirus is indeed a serious medical emergency and nothing to take lightly. It’s scary to lots of people but the key here is to be proactive about it all. Medical professionals are starting to approach this virus as you would the flu or any other virus and that is to wash your hands as often as you can, to keep your hands out of your face, and to stay at least six feet away from others.

You may not always be able to wash your hands as often as you’d like or be able to stay six feet away from people but you want to always try to keep your hands out of your face. These are definitely uncertain times but the CDC and medical professionals are working hard to find a cure but in the meantime, it is recommended to take safety precautions to prevent the spread even further.

During this time, find creative ways to entertain yourself. Hop on Tik Tok and make fun videos, binge-watch your favorite shows that you never got to finish, or start looking at alternative summer vacation destinations and modes of transportation to get there.

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