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by Bob Russell, ©2020

Gen. Douglas MacArthur signing formal surrender documents with Japan, September 2, 1945 (National Archives)

(Jul. 18, 2020) — The American military has never lost a war in our 244-year history but the 20th century saw wars lost after great military victories provided by brave men and women who risked, and thousands lost, their lives for the sake of liberty for people throughout the world.  I don’t know exactly how many thousands of Americans died in World War II but after the military victory over Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy in Europe the politicians gave most of Europe to the brutal communist Joseph Stalin, beginning a reign of terror behind the “iron curtain” that was at least equal to the reign of Adolph Hitler.

After defeating the Japanese in Asia the politicians let Mao Tse Tung and his communist gang take control of China in 1947, a problem that is still biting America militarily, financially, and medically.  Democrat politicians, especially clinton and obama, did their utmost to help China become the threat to America, economically, militarily, and medically that it is.  After the war Truman let Russia have half of Korea, leading to a brutal Communist regime there that still exists today.  I don’t know how many Americans died in the Korean War but, once again, the victory was surrendered by political cowardice extending a brutal communist dictatorship still ruled with an iron fist by the Kim family.  General Douglas McArthur wanted to drive the Communists completely out of Korea but Truman didn’t have the courage to do it, instead fearing China, who had already sent hundreds of thousands of soldiers into Korea.

The current Kim in charge, Kim Jong Un, is so vicious that he ordered his uncle, his father’s brother, fed alive to dogs that killed and ate him.  I don’t know how anyone can be so horrible, but our political ruling class has a tendency to find and support them.  After World War II Ho Chi Mhin asked President Truman to help get the French out of Indochina but Truman refused, opting instead to back the French colonial dictatorship there.  Ho turned to Mao in China, and more so to Stalin, for help, and defeated the French in 1954.  Vietnam was divided into Communist North and free South, and began an American involvement that lasted until 1975 and caused in excess of 59,000 American deaths, hundreds of thousands of wounded, and more mental casualties.  PTSD has become a prominent issue stemming from the Vietnam War, a war that was based on “body count” and “kill ratio” instead of ground captured and secured.  There are several battles in which many Americans were killed, only to abandon the hills bought with blood after only a few days, leaving them open for the NVA to reoccupy without a battle.

The war was “managed” from Washington, D. C. with the emphasis on “body count” and public opinion, opinion deeply determined by biased reporting that made American soldiers out to be the bad guys randomly killing innocent civilians for kicks, a lie so bad that it makes me sick.  Yes, there were atrocities; there always are in war, but citizens weren’t told about the good things our soldiers did nor the brutality and wholesale torture and murder of innocent civilians — men, women, and children — by the NVA and Viet Cong forces.

One of the most damaging orders out of Washington was that American forces could not fire unless fired upon.  They had to watch armed soldiers without engaging them unless the enemy opened fire, an order that cost many American lives.  Our guys couldn’t lay an ambush and surprise the enemy as the enemy could do to our guys.  The media didn’t suddenly get biased while George W. Bush was in office; they started at least during the Vietnam War.  After America sacrificed all those lives the political ruling class just bailed and the NVA quickly overran the South, in violation of the treaty they signed, and murdered thousands who had been loyal to the South’s government.

Then we come to our involvement in the Middle East.  Fuhrer obama went out of his way to destabilize governments that were not what we want to see, some of them brutal dictatorships in themselves, and turned them over to moslem extremists who are even more brutal and antagonistic than the ones before.  The goal of the illegitimate obama regime was to establish a caliphate there that would destroy Israel and eventually expand to encompass the entire globe.  Obama made no secret of his love of islam and his hatred of Israel and America.  He ordered rules of engagement that hindered our soldiers and gave the enemy a huge advantage.  President Trump is doing much better because he loves America rather than hates it as obama does, and values American lives.  Since Trump came to the Oval Office ISIS and their friends are being decimated by overwhelming firepower and solid military tactics.

Democrats are furious that President Trump has an America-first policy in relation to our enemies but it is working in our favor, something the Deep State traitors are not pleased about.  We the People, and the world, need another four years with Donald Trump and then others like him in successive years if our nation is to survive and prosper.  If nutty nancy pelosi and her ilk manage to get the mail-in vote fraud plan going we are done.  I pray daily for a revival in America that is needed to save us from destruction at the hands of the marxists in the democrat party who want to implement the New World Order.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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