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by OPOVV, ©2020

GDJ, Pixabay, License

(Jul. 15, 2020) — We’re looking at a couple of United States Marines guarding a pile of rocks in Afghanistan. The night is cold, the stars are out and there’s a disagreement brewing.

“It has been said that I will defend with my life for you to say anything you want to say.”

“And that’s it? That’s the only rule of the game? You sure? Well, then, what do you say I take the side of reality and you can defend Neverland, okay? You sure? I say when I’m in charge I’ll build ovens and cook all of you Christians; how do you like that?”

“I don’t like what I’m hearing, that’s what. No one said anything about going around killing people, so there. Let’s start over.”

“Too late; the horse has left the barn. You said I could say anything, so I did. That’s what they say to us, the crazy people; the dimwits; the truly insignificant pebble lying on the ground.”

“You mean ‘people’ lying on the ground.”

“No, I meant what I said: ‘pebble,’ meaning someone who is so dumb to have the reasoning ability of a, like I said, pebble.”

“But pebbles can’t reason.”

“You just made my point.”

“You lost me back at the ovens.”

“Okay, the NAZI PARTY went after the ministers and the priests first; then the editors and publishers; then the union members, and last, but not least, they went after the Jews. Now the Dems are going after everybody at the same time: they’re bypassing beating-around-the-bush.”

“Who, who is doing this?”

“Why, the dimwits, the very people who will be put in the very ovens that they built, that’s who.”

“I’m sorry, I must be a little muddled tonight, but did you just say that the dimwits will get what they deserve? Why?”

“Because, simply put, nobody wants idiots around them, that’s why, not even Socialists and Communists.”

“What about Muslims?”

“No, just the opposite: they embrace idiots, and for proof just look at Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.”

“Well-said. But, listen, I don’t like hearing losers like Colin Kaepernick badmouthing my country. I don’t want to hear it, and I especially don’t want to hear about BLM. We have specific methods for laws to be passed, but as long as the Dems keep electing crooks, well, no country can take the likes of Pelosi and Schumer for long, can they?”

“No, but you can’t blame it all on just a few: it took years to dumb-down half of America.”

“You’re not making any sense,”

“No, I’m making sense; they’re not.”

“I’m getting confused, and all we’re doing is looking at the stars guarding a pile of worthless rocks. Let’s go back to the beginning: I said that I’ll defend your right to free speech but to say you plan to kill me is going too far, in my opinion.”

“I agree.”

“You do? Why, you just said you want to kill me and put me in an oven.”

“No, it wasn’t me who said that, it was the other side of the debate, that’s all. Look, we were debating the limits of free speech, and for somebody to say, in public, day after day, that they plan on killing you, your dog and your whole family is just plain wrong and those people should be punished, such as deported or maybe ‘Do unto others as they would do to you,’ which is the soldier’s mantra, if not in spirit.”

“You sound like our DI. So who do you have in mind?”

“At the front of the line are Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, two who advocate the total destruction of Israel and everything in it.”

“So what does that have to do with us?”

“Look, you have to fight stupidity and hate wherever and whenever you find it; you can’t like turn your back on hate because, when you least expect it, it’ll bite you, which is usually when you’re the least prepared and the most vulnerable.”

“So what the heck are we doing here? Everyone hates us; everyone wants us to leave; everyone wants to kill us in the dastardliest methods they can imagine.”

“You know what it is? It’s the educated vs. the dunces, but the ‘Dunce People’ (DP) don’t know that they’re dunces, and therein lies the problem: how do you explain it to a dunce that they are, indeed, a dunce? You can’t: they just don’t have the brain power to accept the truth.”

“I wonder if it is possible to change a dunce into, what? What can they turn into?”

“It’s a metamorphous process: dunce morphs into a non-dunce; a non-dunce morphs into a ’undecided’; an undecided to a ‘moderate’; a moderate to ‘enlightened’; enlightened to ‘believer’; believer to to a FULL-FLEDGED PATRIOT.”

“So you think it’s possible for a dunce to become a Patriot?”

“Slim but possible.”

“What are the Las Vegas odds?”

“Ninety to one.”

“Why so high?”

“Because most of us don’t take the time to become knowledgeable, at least as far as politics go. Face it; it’s a lot easier to listen to hype than read a book.”

“I’m tired.”

“Tired of what, this?”

“I’m tired of watching nitwits topple statues, to start. Do you think that they’ll ever realize that they were behaving as two-year-olds? That they are immature and better grow up? That the BLM is nothing but hot air and that the followers are being used because they’re gullible idiots?”

“Not a chance.”

“We’re lucky we’re so smart, aren’t we?”

“That’s right: we’re so smart that we can see Rome burning before our eyes. Have you heard that Company Bravo has a Muslim?”

“No way.”

“And we think we’re smart.”

“Maybe we’re not as smart as we think we are. As long as we have the likes of Rashida Tlaib in our country, and a few million others, and as long as the likes of Pelosi and her Dems and the RINO’s just sit back and watch the Department of Homeland Security and the Joint Chiefs of Staff turn their collective backs on the Constitution we are closer and closer, day by day, reaching the point of no possible return to the day before Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, became our de facto president.”

“Yes, I remember that day very well. And then shortly after someone was recording something from a sidewalk and the policeman told the person to stop recording: This ain’t America no more’  (1:22). Do you remember that?”

“How could I forget?”

“Think of it as the beginning of the end, or if you don’t like that date, try 9-11.”

“So who won our debate?”

“Neither of us because we let our own laws do us in, that’s why. We believe in equal opportunity and equality under the law, but our enemies don’t, and therein lies the crux of it all: while we acquiesce they’re either stabbing us in the back or slitting our throats.”

“So how does BLM fit in?”

“Sowing the seed of discord, disharmony and discontent; after all, it’s election year and Voter ID is the key. Here comes our replacements; let’s stop by the chow hall.”


Sweet Home Alabama” (4:41)


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  1. To Robert Christopher Laity;
    So are we to ignore the Muslim Brotherhood’s manifesto on the takeover of the USA? If there is ONE lesson to have learned from the Holocaust, it is this:
    When someone says they are going to kill you, believe them.

  2. The Courts have mistakenly conflated speech, what one says, with actions, like burning a flag or actually “build[ing] an oven and cooking” people. There is a line that one does NOT have a constitutional right to cross. The constitution allows “peaceful assembly” and “to petition the government for redress of grievances”. It does NOT enshrine any right to cross over into anarchistic,lawless disregard to the safety of others by rioting and destroying property and killing others. It does NOT allow someone to demand redress of grievances by violent threats. That is insurrection. As to someone having a right not to “hear” what someone else says.,one who does not want to hear a speaker can walk away or tune out. One cannot however, take unlawful and /or unconstitutional measures to deprive another person of his/her opposing view or opinion. That is what is happening in today’s U.S. Many people have become intolerant to those opposing views and have become violently unwilling to allow such views. That is not in keeping with the premise of free and open discussion and free speech.