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July 10, 2020

Photo: Wikipedia, public domain

Dear Editor,

Bravo, Donald Trump; and God Bless America!

Because this past week Red China’s Communist Party (currently ever-so-bravely beating up on tiny Hong Kong) went wobbly at the knees at seeing a huge United States of America battle fleet encompassing two of America’s most powerful nuclear-powered aircraft carriers (each far more powerful than all of China’s carriers put together!) sailing unchallenged through the South China Sea!

And what’s Joe Biden been doing lately? Why, kneeling to the memory of black, career criminal George Floyd (once gaoled for holding a gun to the heavy-with-child stomach of a terrified woman), who was laid to rest in a golden casket in such a grandiose manner which no  fallen – facing the guns of America’s enemies! – black (or any other colour) American serviceman or woman ever has been!

Make no mistake: at least 10% of the so many thousands of brave American Naval officers, aircrew, sailors, Marines, etc. currently risking their lives protecting the Free World in the South China Sea are black! And how I hope black (and all Americans) just remember all the preceding when they go to the polls later this year to choose between Joe Biden and Donald Trump as their (and the Free World’s) POTUS!

For all his many faults, Donald Trump has not got wobbly knees when it comes to facing Red China!

And all of America can be sure of one thing: Donald Trump does not commit America’s troops to battle lightly/without great thought for their lives, because Donald Trump knows all of America’s fallen service heroes come home in body bags, all of the same…colour!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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