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by OPOVV, ©2020

Photo credit: Pixabay, License

(Jul. 9, 2020) — “Captain, Sir, the ship is sinking.”

“Why wasn’t I told about it?”

“You’re being told about it now, Sir.”

“But when did you learn of the ship sinking?”

“A few years ago, Sir.”

A few years ago, Sir’?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“How many?”

“How many what, Sir?”


“I think it started sinking before 9-11, but it really started sinking when we moved the terrorist training camps from Afghanistan to the States, Sir.”

“And the cause?”

“The cause, Sir? Why, we hit a snag.”

“A snag? What kind of snag?”

“The worst kind, Sir.”

“I get that, sailor, but what kind of snag did we hit that’s making us sink?”

“I think the snag we hit is called ‘complacency,’ Sir.”

“How in the heck did that happen?”

“Well, Sir, I believe you chose a star and steered for it, with blinders on, I might add. I believe it was your belief that all on-board were working towards the same goal: improved opportunities for all, Sir.”

“You mean some weren’t? Which ones?”

“It was a mutiny that started with The New Deal by FDR, but it really got its feet wet when LBJ expanded the Welfare State that included Affirmative Action and when the Draft ended in 1973, Sir.”

“I’ve got s feeling there’s more to it.”

“You are correct, Sir. Meanwhile, the Teachers’ Union started to push the Socialist line so that now half the population of the USA is politically flat-lined, so much so that they object to Voter ID when everyone in our country must have a Social Security card to obtain a bank account, Sir.”

“Let me get this straight: so you’re saying my ship is sinking while, at the same time, the Socialist Ship of State is, what, sliding down the slipway; is that what you’re saying?”

“Yes, Sir: long lines for nothing; the absence of hope and the dream of ever reaching for the stars, all quashed in the name of ignorance. In short, Sir, it’ll be the culmination of the Trump Derangement Syndrome coming home to roost in our own back yard, Sir.”

“So we’re sinking.”

“That’s a fact, Sir.”

“Is there anything we can do to stop our Ship of State from sinking?”

“Not if we don’t do some serious soul-searching, Sir. Mistakes can be corrected but if we don’t correct our errors there’s absolutely no hope whatsoever of ever floating again, let alone reaching for Mars and beyond, Sir.”

“How about I order all illegal immigrants and Muslims to go back home; would that be a good place to start?”

“As good as any, I suppose. Might as well, because right now we’re doing nothing, I mean nothing(0:07), Sir. The very bottom line is that if Trump is not reelected it’s over; count on it. We will have been sunk and the Deep State will go after everyone who supported the Constitution; you can bet your life on it, Sir.”

“That I believe: Old Glory will be lowered for the last time. Good report, sailor. Dismissed.”

Harbor Lights” (2:40)


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