by Sharon Rondeau

(Jun. 25, 2020) — As readers of this publication are aware, on May 21, 2020, PayPal, Inc. “restricted” both The Post & Email’s 10+-year account and another unrelated account with even more longevity without explanation. Since that time, the company has not responded to our standard-mail inquiry nor to a certified mailing of June 8, 2020 as to the reason(s).

According to the USPS, the latter was received by PayPal on June 12, 2020 at its headquarters in San José, CA, thereby beginning a 30-day window outlined within the company’s User Agreement to issue a satisfactory response or be subject to arbitration.

As we reported, on May 21 we received an email notification at an email address not associated with the The Post & Email stating that The Post & Email’s Paypal account had been “restricted.” We at first believed the email to be a “spoof” and reported it to Paypal asking the question.  However, later discovering the account to indeed be unusable with the sole explanation of, “You can’t use PayPal anymore,” we checked the account of the unrelated business and found that it, too, was similarly “restricted.”

However, on Wednesday evening, in the email account associated with the other business, we received a standard notice from PayPal about updates made to its “legal agreements” as if our account were in good standing.

The “online” version of the notification we received can be viewed here.  We have refrained from reproducing the email so as to observe Paypal’s “intellectual property” rights involving its logo.

On Thursday morning, we logged in to the second account and found that it remains “limited,” with the same “You can’t use Paypal anymore” message behind the “See details” link.  An additional “Notification” in the upper-right of the Account screen leads to the same message, which implies that the website’s “activity” violated the User Agreement.

We can identify nothing in the agreement violated by either the sales of sheet music and recordings or by The Post & Email’s business activity, and, unless Paypal identified a security issue which it is not divulging, we are at a loss as to why both accounts were closed.  Since Paypal insisted that its insignia be removed from our sites, we have lost all ability to transact business on the other website.

According to the User Agreement, should arbitration be initiated, “The arbitrator(s) will decide the substance of all claims in accordance with applicable law, including recognized principles of equity, and will honor all claims of privilege recognized by law.”




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  1. My PayPal account has been restricted due to unauthorized activity on my credit card. They want a copy of my utility bill or driver’s license or military ID or anything government issued. I submitted the requested information and they responded it is in review and I will be noticed within five business days. My credit card company has no record of unauthorized activity.