by Sharon Rondeau

(Jun. 25, 2020) — At approximately 10:49 AM EDT, President Donald Trump tweeted that “A Fox News commentator just ripped me with lies, with nobody defending.”

In an apparent reference to his June 1, 2020 address and subsequent walk to the “Church of Presidents” in Washington, DC’s Lafayette Square, he continued, “They talked about the ‘friendly’ protesters (they set the Church on fire the day before. They were anything but friendly), and how I stood and held the Bible upside down – it wasn’t upside down. @edhenry”

This writer asks its readership if anyone viewed the broadcast to which Trump was referring, which would have been Thursday’s edition of “America’s Newsroom” hosted by Ed Henry and Sandra Smith.  A link to a portion of the three-hour show is here, but we believe it is an earlier segment.

While addressing the public that day, Trump said he was considering calling up the National Guard to quell violence, looting and rioting that had taken place ostensibly in response to the May 25 public murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer.

Once he reached the church, which was boarded up after vandals set fire to a portion of its basement the night before, Trump first stood alone, held up a Bible and said, “We have a great country; that’s my thoughts…It’s not gonna take long,” referring to the economic revival from the coronavirus pandemic’s economic effects as reporters shouted questions at him. He was briefly joined by five administration officials.

Correction, 1:52 p.m. EDT:  The Post & Email has added the word “Commentator” to its headline and first paragraph to more accurately reflect the party Trump identified as allegedly relating unaccuracies about his July 1 appearance at St. John’s Church in Washington, DC.



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