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by Linda Jordan, ©2020

The statue of 26th President of the United States Theodore Roosevelt will reportedly be removed from its place in front of the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Wikimedia Commons, Flickr, License: CC by 2.0

(Jun. 22, 2020) — “Millions of priceless paintings, sculptures, and other masterpieces and artefacts were in danger of being lost forever. Their monetary value ran into billions – but the cultural loss, would be incalculable’.(1) George Clooney

President Trump, we are at war. The Nazis and Fascists have returned. Black Lives Matter (BLM et al) has declared war on America and Europe. Declared war on our art, our culture, our history, our masterpieces.

Every day now, across this great country & Europe, they are destroying statutes, paintings and artifacts they deem as racist.(2) Artwork has been removed from Capitol Hill buildings in DC so as not to offend their sensibilities.(3) The historic Rotunda paintings will be next.(4) No museum is safe; hear that, Smithsonian? The Louvre? (5) I believe our history should be preserved, warts and all, including the portrait of Senator Robert C. Byrd, who was an “Exalted Cyclops” with the KKK. Byrd deeply regretted that time in his life.(6) (7) Just like America and Europe deeply regret that slavery was a part of our history. This attack on our art, our culture, our history riles up this ol’ Kentucky boy.

That is why I am calling on you, President Trump, to reinstate The American Commission for the Protection and Salvage of Artistic and Historic Monuments Act.

Prior to joining in the war effort in the 1940’s President Franklin D. Roosevelt created this Commission to protect and preserve the work of great artists.(8) I made a movie about this noble effort. Museum directors, curators, artists, architects and archivists from 13 countries joined the Commission. They went to great lengths to crate, move and hide massive paintings, sculptures and artifacts, trying to protect art collections from being destroyed or plundered. After D-Day they went on to recover a great deal of art from the Nazis. They did this in order to save as much of the culture, of our history as they could.  They knew how important it was.  I know how important it is.

President Trump, you probably won’t find any museum directors, curators, artists, architects and archivists willing to choke on their own hypocrisy and stand up to BLM et al,(9), but you will find millions of Americans with gumption enough to take on that battle to preserve our treasure trove of history in these United States. You’ll have to count me out, though. I just remembered that I only care about the preservation of art, history and culture in countries or continents where slavery was never a part of their past. Like Europe. Rome in particular, South America, Africa, Asia, Australia and North America sans The United States. I’m contradicting myself. Never mind.

Press Release by Satirical News Inc. Clooney quote & citations real.


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  1. George (cloudy) Clooney: Visit the moon and Mars to preserve their art and culture. I hear that no one has ever been a victim of slavery there. Of course, whichever globe that you land on first of the above two mentioned, you may end up being your own slave due to your own lunatic idea.