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June 21, 2020

The late Australian prime minister, Malcolm Fraser, 1977, public domain

Dear Editor,

What of the Islamic State’s truly heinous barbarity? America did not breed it! Because America’s perfidy is so very negligible when compared to each and every commo, fascist or Islamic nutter mob’s over the past 70 or so years! Yet history’s “Greatest Freedom Protectors,” the Yanks, get kicked from pillar to post.  Everybody wants America to protect them, but hardly anybody wants to protect…America!

So why was former prime minister of Australia, the late Malcolm Fraser, just before he died in 2015, lamenting Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War? Vietnam was a just war, just fought the wrong way! Tyranny is always just around the corner: aka today’s Putin of Russia, who is ex-KGB…the Soviets’ “Gestapo”!  The barbaric Islamic State now again is so very threatening to the entire Middle East, and the Taliban (being given credence as worthy of negotiating “peace” within Afghanistan) is getting ever closer to accessing Pakistan’s nuclear weapons arsenal! (Not to mention Red China, militarily, presently throwing great weight around in the South China Sea and against India in the Himalayas!)

Fact: many former North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong commanders have, or did, become disillusioned with today’s Vietnam’s Communist ruling elites’ (and their  bureaucratic and business  cohorts’) very obscene wealth and opulent lifestyles as compared to the abject poverty of the average Vietnamese citizen! (Huge numbers of poor Vietnamese families are today “marrying off to exile” beautiful daughters to wealthy Korean and Taiwanese men!)

The West’s enemies have become more and more emboldened ever since the US 94th Congress’s capitulation over South Vietnam (and with Obama, having served as US president, with Benghazi being his great shame)!

And to all the Western apologists like the late Malcolm Fraser and/or barrackers for Vietnam’s Communist rulers, I have a question: just why has the “Napalm Girl,” Kim Phuc Phan Thi (bombed by the South Viet Air Force with the US pilot on secondment!) never defected back to Vietnam from the affluence, democracy and liberty (as so enjoyed by today’s 50 million South Koreans!) of North America?


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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